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Assistant County Administrator
Gretchen Cassini

Assistant County Administrator:
Gretchen M. Cassini, J.D.

Agency: Office of the County Administrator

Profession​al Background

Gretchen Cassini has 20 years of experience in local, state and federal intergovernmental affairs, grants, research, investigations, training, strategic planning, transportation, educational campaigns, advocacy, and executive-level administration. From 2002 to 2006, she worked as a grants professional, trainer and manager in Broward County’s Program Development, Research and Evaluation Division.  Subsequently, she worked as the Director of Grants and Governmental Relations for Barry University, where she also acted as an adjunct professor of sociology and criminology.  She was recruited back to Broward County to work as an in-house lobbyist at the federal and state levels for several years, before being appointed Director for the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Professional Standards.  In that role, Ms. Cassini oversaw all legislative advocacy (both in-house and contract), as well as Advisory Boards, County Administrative Policies and Procedures, and investigations, including whistleblower, equal opportunity and human rights cases, wage theft, housing discrimination, and cone of silence violations. 

Both at Barry University and Broward County, she helped to secure multiple millions of dollars in competitive grants and legislative appropriations. Cassini has given presentations at the local, state and national level on a variety of topics as diverse as non-profit management, hurricane preparedness, legislation, transportation, advocacy and performance-based measurement systems. 

She began her career as a legislative intern for the Florida Women’s Legislative and Educational Caucus Foundation and analyst for the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, leading to her position as an aide to a State Senator.  She was recruited as a visiting assistant professor in research at Florida State University’s (FSU) School of Criminology and Criminal Justice where she worked on a number of federal and state grant-funded research projects related to: Florida’s capital collateral and public defender conflict counsel systems, international justice (Department of State), community oriented policing (DOJ), juvenile justice, national and international domestic and sexual violence training programs for law enforcement and the judiciary, as well as health needs of justice-system-involved individuals.  Later, she worked on contract with Florida International University as a researcher, where she co-authored publications related to older adults and the justice system. Cassini also acted as District Administrator of Sentencing Services for the State of North Carolina, where she oversaw felony diversion, sex offender management and teen court/juvenile restitution programs. 

In her current role, Ms. Cassini has been the County’s lead on two transportation referenda, multi-agency streetcar project, and many regional transportation-related issues and initiatives. She has had liaison responsibility for Port Everglades, Medical Examiner and Trauma Services, Parks, Libraries, Public Communications, Environmental Protection and Growth Management, Human Services, and several Information Technology initiatives. 

Currently Responsible For:
Implementing administrative elements of the Mobility Advancement Program funded with discretionary sales surtax proceeds; Executive Director to Transportation Surtax Independent Oversight Board; liaison to Transportation Department, Roadway Construction and Engineering, Innovations, Complete Streets Team, FDOT, SFRTA, Broward MPO, other local governments and municipalities (surtax-related project support).

Administratively supporting county functions and services, including: representing county within the community; communicating with the public; countywide development, monitoring and reporting of the Commission Strategic Plan and agency business plans; organizational development; strategic initiatives; overseeing countywide Grants Administration; researching and reporting on special projects and issues; negotiating with external entities as directed by the board and/or administrator.
Attended Wake Forest University, earned her Bachelor of Arts in English literature from Florida State University, and a Juris Doctorate from Florida State University College of Law. 

Professional Affiliations
In 2011, Cassini served as the president of the Florida Association of Intergovernmental Relations professionals; additionally, she has served on numerous national steering committees and served on Broward County’s Six Pillars Steering Committee.

​Contact Information

Assistant to the County Administrator 
Phone: 954-357-7579 
Fax: 954-357-7360