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Leadership Philosophy

Broward County is a diverse organization that is committed to leadership with integrity. As outcome-driven visionaries with a strategic focus, we are dedicated to organizational excellence through:

  • Fostering an environment of trust
  • Collaborative decision making
  • Resilience in the face of challenges, and
  • Cultivating staff through teamwork and active mentoring

Operating Sy​stem Values

  • Customer-Focused
  • Responsive to Community Needs
  • Quality-Focused
  • Fiscally Responsible
  • Proactive

Individual Behavior​al Values

Passionate Commitme​nt ​​to Excellence

Taking pride in one’s work and demonstrating professionalism and a strong work ethic dedicated to the delivery of quality public service. We are devoted to doing and being our best, while focusing on continuous improvement.

  • Provide SUNsational Service® to everyone
  • Be positive
  • Engage, participate and be enthusiastic
  • Follow through and be dependable
  • Do the "right" and the ethical thing
  • Exceed expectations; do not accept status quo
  • Speak highly of the organization
  • Lead - regardless of your position
  • Lead by example
  • Accept responsibility for mistakes and make improvements

Openne​ss & Res​pect

Honest, consistent, clear communication that is broadly disseminated to encourage alternative viewpoints and discussion. We demonstrate our high regard for community and staff by making our processes transparent to all.

  • Be approachable
  • Be truthful
  • Use clear language that is understandable to all
  • Ask for and listen to input
  • Share work-related information and recommendations throughout the organization
  • Explain decisions and actions taken based on input received
  • Never say "It's not my job"
  • Acknowledge voice and electronic messages within one business day
  • Arrive on time
  • Do not interrupt co-workers or customers when they are speaking


Seeking input and participation while building trust and buy-in from stakeholders; sharing information and practicing open communication

  • Work together to solve problems
  • Actively listen, engage, and contribute
  • Continuously learn
  • Honor team decisions
  • Respond to disagreements in a non-defensive, open manner
  • Give and accept constructive criticism
  • Ask for help


Commitment to resourcefulness, creative thinking, and imaginative solutions that result in quality public service.

  • Think "outside the box" and provide alternative solutions
  • Share credit for successes
  • Actively solicit and share ideas
  • Be willing to adopt new/improved processes
  • Recognize and celebrate co-workers' ideas and successes