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Report Smoking Vehicles

How often do you find yourself driving behind a smoking vehicle? You roll the windows up, close the vents, and can still smell the fumes! 

Help us keep our air clean by identifying and reporting smoking vehicles. 

To report a smoking vehicle:

- Call the Environmental Complaint Hotline at 954-519-1499
- Complete an online complaint form 24-hours a day.
Submissions can be anonymous. 
  • If you have issues or questions about the form, email us at

We don’t need your name or personal information, we just the information listed below:
the smoking vehicle’s Florida tag number
the make, model and color of the vehicle
the date and time the vehicle was seen
location and city where you saw the vehicle
(i.e. I-95 Northbound at Oakland Park Blvd., Fort Lauderdale)

Regulation on Smoking Vehicles can be found on Broward County's Code of Ordinances. 
Smoking vehicles in Broward County are prohibited under Chapter 27, Article IV, Section 27-175 (j)

​Common Causes of Smoking Vehicles

While it is normal for smoke to appear during the first few seconds after engine startup only, a well-maintained vehicle should not emit visible exhaust. Preventing a vehicle from smoking often involves simple maintenance procedures.

Gasoline Vehicles
​Visible Sign
​Coolant and/or water leaking into combustion chamber
​Burnt engine oil
​Black or grey
​Incomplete fuel combustion
Diesel Vehicles

Diesel engines don't have to smoke!

Although diesel engines emit some smoke on acceleration, they should not smoke constantly.  All vehicles, including diesels, are subject to the same smoking law as gasoline engines.

​Visible Sign
​Improper air/fuel mixture. Fuel is not burning.
​Burnt engine oil or atomized.
​White or grey
​Incomplete fuel combustion.