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Florida Air Permits

​Our Division is authorized by the State of Florida to review and act upon State and Federal air permit applications for facilities in Broward County.

Applicants may submit the following directly to our Division:

  • State permit applications
  • Fees
  • Inquiries

Review the guidance for determining if your business needs an air permit.

Sta​te of Florida Air ​Permits

State Air Permits are more complex than Broward County air licenses and require more compliance demonstration, testing, monitoring, procedures and other requirements not necessarily contained in a Broward County air license.

Air pollutant emitting facilities that don’t qualify for a Broward County Air License or a State of Florida Air General Permit shall submit a State of Florida Air Construction or Operation Permit​ application in order to be in compliance with state and/or federal air regulations.  

Exemption from Florida Air Permitting Requirements​

Some activities that are sources of air pollution may be exempt from a State of Florida Air Permit, Florida Air Construction Permit, Air Operation Permit, or Air General Permit may require a Broward County Air License.

To receive exemption information, contact us at or call 954-519-1270.

State of Florida Air General Permits

Air General Permit Registration Forms are submitted to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (not to Broward County.) For additional information regarding air general permit fact sheets, booklets, fees or any air general permit questions, please contact the Florida DEP Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP)​ or call 800-722-7457.​