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Airspace Review

​Obstruction Approval Overview 


The Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD) is required to prevent airport hazards and incompatible land uses in and around the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and North Perry Airport (HWO). 

The local process to receive permission to build or alter a structure within the airspace of FLL and HWO is called an Obstruction Approval. An Obstruction Approval must be granted by Broward County if your project is penetrating protected airspace and is determined to be an airport hazard.

To find out if your project penetrates protected airspace, Broward County offers a map and interactive tool for the public to determine if their proposed project is impacted by protected airspace surfaces. These resources can be found on our Maps and Interactive Tool page.

If your project penetrates protected airspace surfaces, an application for obstruction evaluation by BCAD is required. This application to apply for an Obstruction Approval can be found below: 

All completed applications should be sent to BCAD via email ​for review.  Any questions related to the Obstruction Approval process may also be sent to the email address above.  Instructions for completing the Obstruction Approval Application can be found below:

Applicants may also refer to BCAD's Obstruction Approval Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​​ document as well as our Resources page for additional guidance, including the FAA filing process.

Please note the Obstruction Approval is required as part of the County's Site Plan process or during the County's Building Permit process. Applicants are reminded that BCAD cannot complete the Obstruction Approval process without the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Aeronautical Study Determination, which must be submitted to BCAD by the applicant. 


For questions relating to the Airspace Review Obstruction Approval application or process, email:​.