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Schedules​ of Procurements

Broward County Aviation Department is seeking qualified companie​s to bid on planning, design and construction projects for both Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and North Perry Airport (HWO). Contractors and design firms can view the following schedules:

Policy For Commu​nicating with Vendors

Regarding the FLL Airport Capital Program
As of May 21, 2010

Broward County Airport Development staff are not permitted to have meals with or attend special events with vendors or vendor representatives. Broward County Airport Development staff attending conferences and trade shows are not permitted to attend dinners, lunches, events, etc. where such staff are the only government agency invited to attend the event of a specific vendor.

Prior to Procurement Advertisement
Vendors who would like to receive specific documents related to Airport Development procurements or projects, who have questions related to such procurements or projects, or who would like to arrange for a marketing visit should contact the Airport Development Office Manager at 954-359-2581. Public records requests will be responded to in accordance with the Florida Public Records Law.

After Procurement Advertisement and Before Selection is Made
Vendors who have questions about a procurement that is currently advertised should contact the person noted in the RLI/RFP. Questions after the advertisement has closed, but before the selection has been made, should be directed to the same contact person (or to the Airport Development Office Manager at 954-359-2581).

Site Tours
No one-on-one vendor tours of future project sites will be provided. Tours will be provided either as a part of pre-advertisement or pre-proposal meetings.

Conflicts of Interest Regarding the Airport Expansion Program Projects
Consultants participating on the Program Management Office (PMO) team cannot provide design, construction management, or construction services for any projects within the Airport Expansion Program that the PMO is managing. Also, consultants providing design services for a project cannot also perform construction management or construction on the same project. Finally, consultants providing quality assurance testing and Independent Cost Estimates (3rd party) for a project cannot perform any other services required for that project. This is not an exhaustive list of conflicts; other conflicts may be possible which are not known at this time.