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Terminal 1 Modernization and Concourse A

Project​ Summary

Image of Terminal 1
As part of FLL’s Terminal Modernization Program, Terminal 1 work improves the level of service by modifying the building security checkpoints, restrooms, hold rooms, concessions, wayfinding and signage, finishes, seating, emergency power capacity and distribution to a more efficient manner that will promote revenue generation and improved passenger facilities. The addition of Concourse A includes five new gates capable of accommodating domestic and international operations, a new Federal Inspection Service (FIS) facility, meeter-and-greeter lobby, food and beverage and retail expansion, an interactive play area, airline support spaces and aircraft paving.
Two major objectives of the project were to improve the customer experience through a modern terminal and offer more international and domestic destinations through additional gates.   

Key Features

  • The modernization and construction of Concourse A includes a 330,000 square feet dual level structure and 130,000 square feet airside renovation.
  • Concourse connectors were built for Concourses A and B and Concourses B and C.
  • Centralized security screening checkpoint includes the addition of a 12 lane centralized security screening checkpoint and secure corridor behind the Terminal 1 ticket counters to connect Concourses A, B and C.
  • The new FIS facility in Concourse A will process up to 800 passengers per hour.
  • An interactive play area of 3,120 square feet was constructed within the concourse connector.
  • The Concourse A ellipse seating area is 7,330 square feet, has a capacity of 200 seats and includes electronic charging stations and free Wi-Fi.
  • The modernization and construction of Concourse A includes a total of 53,700 square feet of food and beverages and retail areas.
  • Public Art features were incorporated into the project to provide positive distractions and enhancement of the public spaces.
  • Three Service Animal Relief Areas were incorporated into the project.




Concourse A opened for flights
B/C Connector Opened
Final Completion​
July 2017
January 2018                           
Summer 2018