Runway Fast Facts

Here are some Fast Facts about the new South Runway.

Material/Activity Amount

Runway Cost


$826 million


Construction Jobs


Economic Impact


$1.42 billion in total economic. $1 million a day pumped into local economy during 2013, the peak of construction, for actual construction activities*


Opening Date


September 18, 2014




7,000,000 cubic yards. This is enough material to fill the Louisiana Superdome more than 1.5 times or fill Marlins Park more than 2 ½ times

Concrete for the runway pavement


535,000 square yards equals almost 38 miles of two lane (24’ wide) highway.

Concrete for the structures


68,000 cubic yards




90,000 tons






Concrete Piles for the Runway/Taxiway Structures



Concrete Beams for the Runway/Taxiway Strurctures




Retaining Wall


350,000 square feet of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall




90 miles




520,000 square feet




77 acres


Roadway Improvements


2 miles


Drainage Pipe


5 miles


Relocated Trees


Over 1300


Federal Inspections Months in advance of the opening date, the FAA will conduct a Part 139 Inspection of the new facilities. They will then conduct actual new runway commissioning activities including the performance of flight checks.

*Based on an economic impact model of the south runway project using 2010 IMPLAN data for the tri-county area.​​