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Terminal 3 Modernization

Project Summary


As part of FLL’s Modernization Program, Terminal 3 scope includes enhancements to maximize passenger transition space and ticket counter area. New artistic terrazzo flooring and carpet was installed throughout the Terminal, Las Olas corridor, within the concourses, hold rooms and the lower level baggage claim area. The Las Olas corridor was secured and transitioned to a post security area and a new central exit created. A new baggage conveyor system improves the baggage screening and processing procedures for this terminal.
Key features include Concourse Connectivity to Terminal 4, wayfinding signage, elevator and escalator replacement, new ceilings and finishes and restroom enhancements. Additional concessions and retail spaces will be incorporated to enhance the passenger’s experience.

Key Features

  • Concourses E and F renovations include replacement of the existing restrooms with new centrally located, double-sided restrooms, partial ceiling replacement, new signage and new passenger seating with charging stations and free Wi-Fi.
  • Las Olas Corridor (post-security walkway) work includes a new centrally located, double-sided restroom,  renovation of existing concession spaces, the addition of a new VIP Lounge and a new breach-exit control system.
  • North Lobby Renovation includes demolition and relocation of new ticket counters, ceiling upgrades, wayfinding signage,  terrazzo floor additions and new central escalators/stairs configuration.
  • Baggage Claim and Arrival Level renovation includes replacement of the existing baggage claim devices with seven new secure baggage claim devices, partial ceiling upgrades and modifications to the wall separating secure and non-secure areas.
  • Entrance Vestibule upgrades work in this transitional area between the lobby and curbside includes demolition of existing wall panels and replacement with new wall tile, refurbishment of existing elevators and the addition of  two new elevators.
  • Chiller Plant Expansion includes modifications to the existing chiller plant and the addition of one chiller.


​Milestones Timeframe

​Concourse E and F Renovations    
New Concession Offerings
Terminal Modernization
Final Completion   

​September 2020                            
June 2020
December 2020
December 2021