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1st Quarter 2013

FLLAIR – FLL Airpor​t Improvements & Renovations

January – March 2013                          Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood International Airport

South Runway Expa​​nsion Update

The South Runway Expansion Project continues to progress at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL). In 2012, FLL served 23.5 million passengers. The Project is extending the South Runway (9R/27L) from 5,276 feet to 8,000 feet, giving the Airport two parallel commercial runways. Two parallel runways will benefit travelers by keeping delays to a minimum, reduce taxi time to and from the terminals, and increase safety. Motorists, trains and pedestrians will pass under the new Runway through a series of tunnels.

 Eastern View of South Runway


The South Runway Expansion Project is expected to create about 11,000 jobs during construction. The Project is currently contributing more than one million dollars each day to the local economy. The new South Runway is scheduled to open in September of 2014.

(Photo caption) Eastern view of the South Runway under construction

Updates and significant milestones include:

  • Approximately one third of the 6.5 million cubic yards of embankment required is in place.
  • Approximately two thirds of the 2,700 pre-cast concrete piles have been installed.
  • Nearly 900 trees have been relocated from Perimeter Road and U.S. 1 (East) to areas within a five mile radius of FLL.
  • Nearly 16 acres of invasive plant species have been removed.
  • Nearly one third of the 325,000 square feet of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall has been installed.
  • Preparation will begin for closure of Runway 13-31 in May 2013.
  • South entrance to the Airport at the intersection of Griffin and Perimeter Roads has been closed.

Construction Update:

Activities occurring around the Western end of the Runway such as soil preparation, as well as trains hauling fill and crushed limestone for construction. Nearly 20,000 cubic yards of fill are delivered per day.

Construction of MSE walls and embankment are internally reinforced soil structures. As of January, the embankment is approximately 60 feet above ground and the MSE wall is at 35 feet.

 Runway structures walls and piles, which will serve as the foundation for the U.S. 1 FEC structure. This photograph shows the future location of Southbound U.S. 1, which will travel below the expanded South Runway.
Structure work  

Piles, utilities and earthwork for the South Runway structures. Once completed, there will more than 2,600 concrete piles and over 800 concrete beams for the Runway/Taxiway structures.

Terminal 4 Redevel​opment and Expansion

Terminal 4 (T4) is being designed for efficient operation and improved passenger level of service. The improvements will provide passengers with more seating, concession options, and more international and domestic destinations. T4 is expected to cost approximately $450 million and will be built in two main phases, the Western and Eastern Expansion. As construction progresses, work will be phased and working hours will be arranged to ensure that disruption to passengers and operational staff will be kept to a minimum.

 Western Phase of the new Terminal 4
Cick on the image for a larger version.

The new concourse includes plans for:

  • High level of passenger amenities and wide choice of concessions
  • Domestic/international swing gates
  • Expanded Security Screening Check Point (SSCP) Area
  • Terminal 3/T4 post-security passenger connection
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification
  • Improved Federal Inspection Services
  • New Broward County Aviation Department offices
  • Communication and security systems
  • Associated aircraft parking

Once complete, Terminal 4 will:

  1. Provide 14 boarding gates
  2. Increase from 60,000 square feet to 490,000 square feet of Terminal facilities
  3. Increased concessions and restroom facilities
  4. Provide automated in-line bag screening
  5. Provide post-security movement by way of a connector bridge to Terminal 3. The bridge will allow passengers with a connecting flight to walk between Terminal 3 or 4 without going through the Security Checkpoint.

 Security Checkpoint Terminal 4

Updates and significant milestones:

• Fresh Selections and Café Sienna concession food stands now open.
• Sbarro, Dunkin’ Donuts and Burger Bar restaurants have been closed.
• New temporary Security Checkpoint will be open to the public in April.
• Construction of the temporary Security Checkpoint began.
• 100 percent Eastern and Western Apron Expansion Design Documents were completed.

(Photo Caption) Installation of structural steel for the Security Checkpoint

What’s Next for 2013

  • Crosswind Runway 13-31 will permanently close in May.
  • Construction of the following will begin on the South Runway in July: Taxiways, holding areas, lighting and signage.
  • Work continues on the major Embankment and Structures Projects.
  • The FAA begins construction and installation of NAVAIDS for new South Runway.
  • Construction of the following will start: T4 Western Expansion, the new fuel system, and aircraft parking supporting the T4 Western Expansion.

Noise Mitigation Progression
More homes are being sound insulated through the Voluntary Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSI Program). The Noise Mitigation Team is working with groups of property owners in the 68 to 70 Day/Night Noise Level (DNL) noise contour. DNL is the daily average noise level. The homes are bundled into groups for bidding and construction purposes.
During the Pilot Program, 48 units were sound insulated in 2011. Construction will begin in May 2013 for an additional 77 units. Another 100 units completed the design phase and 100 units recently began this phase. The entire process takes about 18 months.

The RSI Program is one aspect of the Noise Mitigation Program that includes Voluntary Mobile Home Acquisition Program and a Voluntary Sales Assistance Program. The Noise Mitigation Team has started the appraisals for the voluntary acquisition of two mobile home parks. If the mobile home land owners decide to sell, the Team will start negotiations. The Sales Assistance Program is expected to start later this year.

Learn more about Noise Mitigation Program by visiting their website. You can also visit or call the Noise Mitigation Outreach Center at 200 E. Dania Beach Blvd, Suite 103, Dania Beach, Florida 33004 or at 954-924-2224.

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