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2nd Quarter 2013

South Runway Ex​pansion Update

2nd Quarter 2013, April - June  

Many major milestones have been completed on Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport’s (FLL) South Runway Expansion Project throughout the 2nd quarter of 2013. Once completed, the Project will extend the South Runway (9R/27L) from 5,276 feet to 8,000 feet, giving the Airport two parallel commercial runways.

The runways will keep delays to a minimum, reduce taxi time to and from the terminals, and increase safety. Motorists, trains and pedestrians will pass under the new Runway and taxiway through a series of tunnels. The new South Runway is scheduled to open in September of 2014. Updates and significant milestones include: 

  • Permanent closure of the Diagonal Runway (13-31) in May 2013.
  • Nearly half of the 6.5 million cubic yards of embankment required is in place.
  • Approximately three quarters of the concrete piles have been installed. Once completed, there will be more than 2,700 concrete piles and over 800 concrete beams for the Runway/Taxiway structures.
  • Approximately two thirds of 42,700 cubic yards of reinforced concrete in the structure foundations, walls and columns have been placed. 
  • Activities occurring around the Western end of the Runway include soil improvements, as well as hauling of embankment material. Nearly 20,000 cubic yards of fill are delivered per day via trucks and train. 
  • Construction of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls are ongoing east of U.S. 1. Over one third of the 325,000 square feet of MSE wall has been installed.
  • As of May, the embankment is over 60 feet above ground in some locations, and the MSE wall has been installed up to 50 feet high.

 Aerial view of the south runway construction
Northeast View of South Runway Embankment

Northeast aerial view of the new south runway

Southwest aerial view of the South Runway Project including, structures, embankment and retaining wall. Half of the embankment required is in

Terminal 4 Redevel​opment and Expansion

Construction for the infrastructure, which includes aircraft parking positions, fueling and support systems, continues to progress for the Terminal 4 (T4) Redevelopment and Expansion Project. Other ongoing projects include a new temporary Security Screening Checkpoint and gate closures.

The Western Expansion foundations are being designed and constructed for efficient operation and improved passenger level of service. Current T4 construction updates:

  • Larger sized aircraft are now accommodated at Gate H7 in addition to handling the arrival of international passengers.
  • Gate H1 was permanently closed on March 6, 2013 to allow for the construction work on the south façade of Terminal 4.
  • Foundations of the new western expansion concourse should start at the end of June 2013, which leads to the permanent closure of Gate H3.
  • Advertisement of the Terminal 4 Apron Expansion Project began on May 20, 2013.

  The new temporary Security Screening Checkpoint at Terminal 4 was completed on April 17, 2013. Later this year, the existing Security Screening Checkpoint will be demolished to make space for the new western expansion concourse.

Noise Mitigation Progress

Homes are being sound insulated through the Voluntary Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSI Program). The Noise Mitigation Team is working with groups of property owners in the 65 to 70 Day/Night Noise Level (DNL) noise contour. DNL is the daily average noise level. The homes are bundled into groups for bidding and construction purposes.

To date, 648 homes have been invited to participate with the 430 homes that are in different stages of design. The entire process takes approximately 18 months.

Prior to the start of design, property owners and residents are invited to attend a public presentation. The most recent presentation was held on March 13, 2013. Discussions at the presentation included an explanation of the entire process of the sound insulation program, initial homeowner participation applications, home visits by the design team, homeowner review of the design, and the construction process.

The RSI Program is one aspect of the Noise Mitigation Program that includes the Voluntary Mobile Home Acquisition Program and a Voluntary Sales Assistance Program.

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