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2nd Quarter 2012

South Runway E​xpansion

The existing South Runway closed April 17 so that construction on the bridge structures over Federal Highway and the FEC Railroad can begin. Pile driving for the structures' foundations will begin the week of April 30.

Looking west from 7th Avenue for the 10th Street Extension
Contractors are currently working on the extension of 10th Street by removing organic materials such as muck, peat, organic soils, debris, etc. down to suitable soil. If left in place, the materials could cause settlement of the new road.

Crews continue to relocate trees along the east side of Federal Highway and Taylor Road. They will replant more than 600 trees. With a 1.7 mile section of Perimeter Road closed, crews are installing utility lines along the southeast section of the airfield.

Earthmoving equipment is creating temporary areas to hold storm water runoff on the west side of US-1.

Soil sampling and borings began on a new ramp that will provide access to I-595, northbound US 1, and Port Everglades. This ramp is located on the northeast side of the airport.

The South Runway Expansion Project is anticipated to be completed by September 2014.

Terminal 4 Gate R​eplacement

Two additional companies are now under contract and have begun work. Turner Construction Company will act as Construction Project Management and will manage all the contractors involved in this project. Cummings-Balfour Beatty is the general contractor.

The architect for the project, PGAL/Zyscovich, is working on Construction Documents for the western portion of Terminal 4.

EAC Consulting has submitted the Fuel Hydrant Decommissioning Plan, the Fuel Hydrant Pit Design for gates G1 through G6, and the Infrastructure Fuel Hydrant System West.

HDR Engineering submitted the Preliminary Engineering Report and is working on the design of the apron area.

What’s Next for 2012?

  • Construction continues on the runway structures over Federal Highway and the FEC Railroad.
  • Several contractors will complete the 10th Street extension, the 7th Avenue improvements, and the exit ramp to 7th Avenue from the airport to southbound US1.
  • PGAL/Zyscovich and HDR will continue to develop the construction documents for the terminal apron and submit more complete versions throughout the year.

Noise​ Mitigation

In October 2011, the Board of Broward County Commissioners approved the Interlocal Agreement and Noise Mitigation Plan with Dania Beach. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has reviewed the plan and submitted their response. Dania Beach and the Broward County Aviation Department are in discussions with the FAA for the approval of the Interlocal Agreement and the County approved Noise Mitigation Plan.

Sound Insu​lation Underway

The second phase of the Voluntary Residential Sound Insulation Program began in late 2011. The Noise Mitigation Consultant Team invited property owners of the most impacted eligible units to participate. These properties are located within the 68-70 DNL noise contour. Eighty residential units will be completed in this phase. The anticipated timeline is as follows:

  • Design of Individual Homes: February – June 2012
  • Development of Construction Bid Documents: May – July 2012
  • Bid and Award of Construction Contract: August – October 2012
  • Pre-Construction Activities: November 2012 – January 2013
  • Manufacture of Custom Products: January – March 2013
  • Construction of Residences: March – October 2013

For more information about this program, visit the Noise Mitigation Outreach Center at 200 E. Dania Beach Blvd, Suite 103, Dania Beach, FL 33004 or call 954-924-2224.

Visit their web.