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3rd Quarter 2012

South Runway E​xpansion

In early July, hauling of fill material ramped up for the South Runway Expansion Project. Trucks started to deliver fill to the construction site near US 1 and Griffin Road. Activity increased in late July to two 10-hour shifts a day. The trucks will haul an estimated 12,000 cubic yards of fill per day, six days a week.

Pile caps for the tunnel foundations  
Workers installing the reinforcing bar before pouring the concrete to finish the pile cap. The structure's wall will rise above the pile cap.

Rail ​Spur

A dedicated rail spur west of US 1 from the Florida East Coast (FEC) Railway will add to  the truck hauling. In early August, two trains with 80 cars per train began hauling a total of 8,000 cubic yards of fill each day. The trains will haul approximately 40 percent of the fill required for the project. This initiative will reduce the number of trucks on the roadways. It will also significantly reduce vehicle exhaust emissions and traffic congestion. Train and truck operations will last about 16 to 18 months.


The contractor for the structures started driving concrete piles into the ground in May for the foundations. Twelve structures (tunnels) for the runway and taxiway will span over US 1, the FEC Railroad, and Perimeter Road. 
It will take crews the rest of the year to drive all 2,648 piles required for the project. The piles are reinforced concrete 2 x 2 feet wide. They range from 57 to 87 feet long with an average length of about 76 feet. Approximately 200,000 linear feet of piles will support the foundations.
Soil preparation is underway to support the runway’s retaining wall. The wall will hold 7,000,000 cubic yards of fill and cover 350,000 square feet.

Terminal 4 Redevelopment and Expansion

Terminal 4 is undergoing a major expansion and modernization. When completed, passengers will have more concession options and seating. Gates will increase from 10 to 14 offering more choices to international and domestic destinations.

Rendering of the new Terminal 4  
Terminal 4 western phase night view

Construction ​Phasing

Crews will work on the terminal in phases to reduce disruptions as much as possible to passengers and airlines. Flights will depart and arrive at the terminal during the construction.

A western phase will be built next to the existing Concourse H with a connector to Terminal 3. After the completion of the western phase in mid-2015, work will start on the eastern phase. Concourse H will be removed by the end of 2016. The eastern phase will be finished in mid-2017. 

The Construction Manager, Cummings-Balfour Beatty, will start construction leading to the relocation of the Security Screening Checkpoint. Passengers will use the newly relocated Check Point in early 2013. Construction of the foundations for the western phase will also start in early 2013.

Design ​Progress

PGAL/Zyscovich submitted preliminary construction documents in May for the western phase. They continue working on the final construction documents.

Fuel System and A​pron

EAC Consulting has completed the design for the new fuel hydrant system for the western portion of the project.  
HDR Engineering, Inc. submitted preliminary design documents for the western apron in May. They are finishing the design documents.

Noise Mitigation Progr​am

The Noise Mitigation Team is proceeding with Phase 2A of the Sound Insulation Program. This phase includes 78 residences in the 68 – 70 Day/Night Noise Level (DNL) noise contour. DNL is the daily average noise measure.

The Design Team visited the participating homeowners and created preliminary acoustical recommendations for each home. Recently, the Design Team met with the homeowners to review the recommendations. The signed agreements will be bundled into one construction package. Noise Mitigation staff is in the process of developing the construction bid documents that they will issue in August, 2012.

For more information, visit or call the Noise Mitigation Outreach Center (200 E. Dania Beach Blvd, Suite 103, Dania Beach, FL 33004) at 954-924-2224 or go to their web site FLLSoundInsulation.

Land Ac​quisition

Broward County Real Properties, BCAD, and attorneys are continuing with the property assessment to acquire the Hilton Hotel and Dania Boat Sales. The County will make its first written offer later this summer. Provided there are no complications, the County could take ownership in late 2012 or early 2013.

What Is N​ext For 2012? 


Construction continues on the runway structures over Federal Highway and the FEC Railroad.  We will see more piles driven into the ground as part of the foundations. In late 2012, crews will begin to pour concrete for the structures’ walls.

The retaining wall will rise as fill is hauled within the wall on the eastern end of the runway. This is the highest portion of the runway and will require the most fill. 
Workers will remove the western sections of the existing south runway. They will also begin to prepare the ground for the wider and longer runway. Asphalt from the south runway will be recycled. The new south runway will measure 150’ wide and 8,000’ long replacing the old runway that was 100’ wide and 5,300’ long.  

10th Steet and 7th Avenue

The contractor will complete the 10th Street extension. Work will continue on the 7th Avenue improvements and the exit ramp to 7th Avenue. BCAD and the contractors are working to minimize the impact to businesses in the immediate area.

Terminal 4

PGAL/Zyscovich and HDR Engineering will continue to develop the construction documents and will submit more complete versions throughout the year.
Decommissioning work will begin for the western section of the underground fuel line that lies under the future reconfigured Terminal 4.

Noise Mitig​ation

The Noise Mitigation Team will start the next phase of the Sound Insulation Program seeking 100 homeowners to participate. The Team will also start the voluntary acquisition of two mobile home parks. If the mobile home land owners’ decide to sell, the Team will start negotiations. The Sales Assistance Program will also start later in 2012. 

Speaker A​vailable

The Community Outreach Coordinator is available to speak at your meeting about the South Runway Expansion Project. Call 954-359-6978 or email to schedule a speaking engagement.