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3rd Quarter 2013


July – September 2013

South Runway Expansion Up​date

Passengers travelling through Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) are able to see many signs of progress as the Airport builds for the future. Many milestones have been completed on FLL’s South Runway Expansion Project through the 3rd quarter 2013.

Structures under construction The walls for the South Runway tunnels are on the right. The columns for the taxiway are on the left of the photo. This view is looking east.

Once completed, the project will extend the South Runway (10R/28L) from 5,276 feet to 8,000 feet, giving the Airport two parallel commercial runways. The runways will keep delays to a minimum, reduce taxi time to and from the terminals, and increase safety. Motorists, trains, and pedestrians will pass under the new runway and taxiway through a series of tunnels. The new South Runway is scheduled to open in September of 2014.

The first concrete beams on the walls of U.S. 1 southbound for the elevated Runway were installed on June 17, 2013. Once completed, there will be over 850 concrete beams for the runway/taxiway structures.

Placement of the first beams  

  • Over 90 percent of the concrete piles have been installed. Once completed, there will be more than 2,700 concrete piles.

  • More than half of the 6.5 million cubic yards of embankment required is in place.

  • Approximately 80 percent of 42,700 cubic yards of reinforced concrete in the structure foundations, walls, and columns have been placed.

  • Activities occurring around the western end of the runway include soil improvements, as well as hauling of embankment materials. Nearly 20,000 cubic yards of fill was delivered daily via trucks and trains. However, for the months of June/July 2013, this amount will be reduced to approximately 4,000 cubic yards per day to allow for other work areas to be developed.

  • Construction of Mechanical Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls is ongoing east of U.S. 1. More than half of the 325,000 square feet of MSE wall has been installed.

  • As of July 2013, the embankment at the eastern end of the future runway is over 80 feet above ground in some locations, and the MSE wall is up to 50 feet high.

Terminal 4 Redev​elopment and Expansion

The Terminal 4 (T4) Redevelopment and Expansion Project continues to progress with ongoing projects such as a new temporary Security Screening Checkpoint. When complete, T4 will ultimately be state-of-the-art, improve safety and efficiency, and modernize the appearance. The Western Expansion is being designed and constructed for efficient operation and improved passenger service, which will make the traveler experience more enjoyable.

Terminal 4 under construction
    Foundations of the new Western Expansion concourse started at the end of June 2013 and will continue through January 2014.

Current T4 updates:

  • Gate H3 closed permanently on June 20, 2013.

  • Advertisement of the Terminal 4 Aircraft Parking Apron Expansion Project opened on June 21, 2013, with a contract award expected in September 2013.

  • Installation of the water main will begin in July 2013.

  • The design development phase for the new concourse Eastern Expansion will be awarded in August 2013.

Artist rendering of Terminal 4 interior

Artist rendering of the interior view of Terminal 4

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