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Part 150 Noise Study

​​​​​Part 150 Virtual Public Workshop & Public Hearing

Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Public Information Workshop

Time: 5-7PM

Public Hearing

Time: 7:30PM

For more information on these past events, visit: ​

Part 150 Noise Study  
The Part 150 Noise Study website provides information about the Part 150 study process, offers FAQs, links to valuable information, meeting dates, and more. The website will keep the community informed during the course of the study. 
The Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD) believes that public outreach is critical to the success of this Part 150 Study. At key points during the study, we will hold public workshops and distribute newsletters to provide updates on the study progress and receive feedback. BCAD encourages residents to visit the Part 150 Noise Study website for the latest information and announcements.