Runway Use and Noise Abatement

​​Informal Runway Use Program

The Informal Runway Use Program is an approved runway use program which does not require a letter of understanding, and participation in the program is voluntary for aircraft operators/pilots. The program includes:

  • Helicopter arrival and departure procedures
  • Preferential runway use
  • Operational safety criteria

 Read the Informal Runway Use Program (PDF).

Noise Abatement Procedures

The BCAD offers a voluntary program of operational noise abatement measures for all turbojet aircraft operators/pilots (regardless of weight). ​​​

Engine Run-Up And Procedures​

Idle Power and Full Power Engine Run-up Procedures

The BCAD established procedures for tenant airlines and ground handlers to perform aircraft idle power and full power engine runs for maintenance purposes such as fuel leak check, oil, and hydraulic filters, replaced components, engine overhaul, etc.  ​​​