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Noise Information

File an Aircraft Noise Comment

To file a formal aircraft noise comment, choose one of the following options:

  1. Online: Complete the Noise Comment Form then select the Submit button.
  2. By Phone: Call the Noise Comment Hotline at 866-822-7910.
  3. Download the new Noise Comment Web App.

Use the New Noise Comment Web App to file a noise complaint.

From a mobile phone, click this link 
Noise Comment Form Web App and download to an iPhone or Android phone. 
The link is only accessible from a mobile phone. It is not available in the iOS or Google Play App stores. It is only available from the webpage.

Noise Comment Web App Instructions:

1. Save the app to your home screen using the link above.

2. From an iPhone: Tap the box with the vertical arrow and select add to home screen.

3. From an Android phone: Tap the 3 Menu dots and select save to homepage.

4. Go to your home screen and open the new noise comment web app.

5. Enter your comment information following Steps 1-5 and click Submit.

Note: After using the noise comment web app the first time, user information is saved and does not need to be re-entered. You can submit additional comments by tapping "Create a New Comment."

If you have questions or comments about the app, please contact the Aviation Department staff at 954-359-6181