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Data Standard

​Building Information Modeling Standard

The Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD) believes in the Building Information Modeling Standard (BIM) process. BCAD intends to make that process flexible for all parties tasked with designing and building its facilities by having clearly defined BIM deliverables.

BCAD has commissioned the development of this standard to plot the general requirements for BIM, while clearly stating BCAD’s BIM goals and objectives. Where applicable, BCAD will be alig
ning this Standard with the National Building Information Modeling Standard - United States, Version 2 (NBIMS-US v2). 

Read and/or print the BIM Standard (PDF).

Electronic Media Submittals 

The Electronic Media Submittal (EMS) has been developed for the BCAD with optimization and consistency of data in mind. 
BCAD utilizes electronic media as the principal way to develop, communicate, and archive information concerning its various airport programs. Electronic media encompasses all methods of conveying digital information and files including e‐mail, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Compact Disc (CD) / Digital Video Disc (DVD), web‐based file‐sharing services, Universal Serial Bus (USB) and physical drives.

Read and/or print the 2017 EMS (PDF).

Computer-Aided Design Standard

This Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Standard has been developed by BCAD to provide guidance to staff and consultants who are producing CAD files to be submitted to, maintained by, or used by BCAD staff. It is intended to help BCAD achieve a standardized approach to geospatial data and record drawing management. Developing high-quality data that is accessible to those who require it is an integral part of any project or activity.

In addition to this document, a series of support files are part of these standards to facilitate compliance when producing CAD documents. These support files include CAD Templates, Plot Styles, Borders, Cover Sheets, Layer List, and Object Data Tables.
All CAD data submitted to, maintained by, or used by BCAD should conform to the requirements of this standard.

Read and/or print the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Standard (PDF).

Geographic Information System

This Geographic Information System (GIS) Data Standard provides guidance for developing geospatially-referenced data to be submitted to, maintained by, or used by BCAD. This data includes geospatial data, related attribution, as well as metadata that contains additional information including but not limited to the extent, date, and quality of geographic information. This standard has been developed so that BCAD staff and consultants deliver GIS data that have a common structure, consistent attribution, and meets required quality levels in order for BCAD to utilize and seamlessly integrate GIS data from various sources. All GIS data submitted to, maintained by, or used by BCAD should conform to the requirements of this standard.

Read and/or print the Geographic Information System (GIS) Data Standard (PDF).