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Real Estate


The Real Estate Development Section coordinates the leasing of properties at FLL for:

  • Cargo services
  • Fixed based operators
  • Aircraft maintenance facilities
  • Rental Car Center
 Real Estate


The Real Estate Development Section also coordinates the property leasing at North Perry Airport (HWO) for general aviation services.

For a business interested in providing services at FLL or HWO, the following are some of the minimum requirements:

  1. Completion of a Business Application form
  2. Completion of a Business Plan to outline the operation and proposed development
  3. A minimum capital expenditure for improvements which will determine the length of the lease term
  4. Security deposits and bonding requirements
  5. Insurance requirements that relate to the type of services being provided
  6. Compliance with the Minimum Standards

Contact the Real Estate Development Section at 954-359-2582 for further information.​​