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Safety Management System

​What is ​SMS

The Safety Management System (SMS) at FLL is an innovative proactive and systematic approach to managing safety which provides a way to communicate safety concerns without fear of retribution. All airport travelers, employees, and tenants are encouraged to report any accidents, incidents, hazardous conditions, and behaviors as soon as possible.

Anonymous Rep​orting

The Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD) is committed to the safest airport operations standards possible. To achieve this, it is imperative that we encourage anonymous and uninhibited reporting of all incidents, occurrences and hazardous conditions which may occur. The identity of anyone providing safety information will be kept anonymous to the extent permissible by law.

Ways To Share​ Your Safety Concerns

If you witness an accident or notice a potentially hazardous condition,make an anonymous report.The information you provide today could prevent an accident tomorrow.

The SMS Program offers five convenient ways to share your safety concerns.

  1. By Phone - Submit your concerns anonymously over the phone by calling 954-359-6151
  2. Online – Complete and submit the SMS Anonymous Report Form.
  3. Complete and print the SMS Anonymous Reporting Form, then
  4. FAX it to 954-359-5791
  5. Email the form to
  6. Mail it to Broward County Aviation Department, SMS Administrator, 2200 S.W. 45th Street, Dania Beach, FL 33312

Conta​ct Us

SMS Logo For more information, contact the SMS Administrator at 954-359-6151 or E-mail at

Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility
The participation of FLL travelers, employees and tenants is paramount to the overall success of the SMS. Everyone is responsible for communicating any information that may affect the integrity of airport operations. All individuals may contribute to the safety of the airportby using the SMS Anonymous Report Program.

Safety Management System (SMS) Confidential Reporting Form ​​