Where Is My Airline?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Airline Ticket Counter Locations and Departure Concourses

Terminal and Garage Complex

Terminal 1    
Terminal 2
Terminal 3
​Terminal 4
Concourses A, B, and C
Concourse D
Concourses E and F
Concourse G

​Air Canada (YQB Only​) (Arrives  A)     

​Air Canada(Departs D)

American (Departs E)

​​Air Transat (Departs ​E and  G)              

Alaska (Departs C)

Delta (Departs D)          

​Avelo (Departs E and G)

Avianca  (Departs G)​​

​Allegiant (Departs C)

​Azul (Departs E and G)

Caribbean (Departs G)

Bahamasair (Departs A​)

​​Flair (Departs E and G)

Copa (Departs G)

Frontier (Departs C)

JetBlue (Departs E, F,​ and G)

​Norse  (Departs G)

​Silver (Departs C)

Sun Country (Concourse E​)​​

Spirit (Departs E. F, and G)

Southwest (Departs A and B)​


United (Departs C)


Western Air (Departs C)​

​WestJet​ (Depart​s C)

Find out when the security checkpoints open or close
There is a connector bridge post-security between Terminals 3 and 4.
Check FLL's Arrivals and Departures for the latest flight information.

U.S. Customs is located in Terminals 1 and 4. 

Most international flights and some flights from Canada may arrive in Terminal 4 U.S. Customs or at the assigned terminal.

Flights arriving from Cuba, Cancun, Mexico via JetBlue, and Southwest and Panama via Copa typically arrive in Terminal 1 but may have been re-routed to Terminal 4 due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Get Directions to the Airport and parking garages.​​​