Payment Options

Four Ways to Pay fo​r Parking

1. Cashier B​​ooth

When you need personal attention to complete your parking transaction, it's worth using a cashier at a toll plaza for the following:
Lost parking ticket
Writing a check to pay
Vehicle qualifies for courtesy disabled parking
The toll plaza cashier accepts cash, checks (starter checks not accepted), and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Diner's Club).

2. Quick Pa​​y Lane

If you will pay with a credit card, pay at a Pay-On-Foot terminal, or pay an attendant at the podium, the self-service Prepaid lane is for you. The exit process is the same as using the cashier lane.

1. Insert the parking ticket, and the parking amount will display on the screen.
2. Insert a credit card.
3. After processing your credit card, the terminal will return your card and provide a receipt.

These lanes only accept credit cards, not cash.

3. SunPas​s Plus

SunPass Plus is available to pay for parking in the Airport's garages. SunPass Plus is an easy way to pay for airport parking using your SunPass Transponder.
Choose the SunPass Plus lane as you enter the parking facility. When you exit, choose the SunPass Plus lane at the toll plaza. SunPass will automatically charge the airport parking fees to your account.

There are no extra fees when using SunPass Plus for airport parking!

For more information, view the SunPass Plus Video.

4. Pay-On-Fo​ot Terminal

Another method of payment is the Pay-On-Foot (POF) terminal. You can pay for your parking with cash or credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Diner's Club) at these five terminals. See below for the locations. Then take your validated ticket to a Prepaid lane to exit the parking. There is a 20-minute grace period to exit the toll plaza without additional charges.
The POF terminals are located on:
  • Level-1 of the Palm Garage at each elevator lobby.
  • Level-1 of the Hibiscus Garage by the Red Core.
  • Level-1 of the Hibiscus Garage by the Green Core.
  • Level-2 of the Hibiscus Garage by the Yellow Core.
  • Level-3 of the Hibiscus Garage by the Red and Yellow Cores.