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Building A Better Airport Experience

Pack The Fun, No Carry-On Gun!

Did you know that if caught with a weapon through the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) passenger screening checkpoints, even if you have a concealed weapons permit, your travel plans will be interrupted?

In 2018, the TSA intercepted 96 weapons at FLL and placed seventh on the federal agency's list of top airports where firearms were discovered at its security checkpoints. The Broward County Aviation Department met with its federal and local law enforcement partners to address the issue and are now introducing a new campaign to remind passengers to "Pack the Fun" but "No Carry-On Gun." 

Our goal is to create public awareness about the dangers and consequences of traveling with weapons. Ninety-nine percent of travelers caught with illegal weapons at the checkpoint say they packed them by mistake or simply forgot they were in their carry-on bags. This campaign will serve as a reminder to our guests to leave weapons at home. If you do travel with a firearm, the TSA says it should be unloaded, packed in a special locked container, declared with your airline, and transported as checked luggage.

TSA penalties for firearms may cost more than $10,000, as well as an arrest.

Working Smarter to Make FLL Safer

At FLL, it is important to us that you experience a smoother, more comfortable visit. One of the most important ways we’re delivering on that promise is through a new infrastructure upgrade to improve traffic flow and passenger safety. This upgrade will reduce disruption and congestion on main airport roadways and outside terminal areas. 

It also changes the way you travel through our airport as a driver and/or pedestrian on upcoming visits. 

Be aware of new signs and signals

You’ll be seeing new traffic signals and signs in our Arrival Level, outside roadway crossing areas, that weren’t there before. Help us keep everyone safe by staying aware and complying with these new safety signals: ​

Working smarter to make FLL safer.

As we continue with these and other upgrades, we appreciate your patience – and promise that you’ll love the results. We’re working smarter to assure you a safer, better airport experience.

FLL Emergency Notification and Communication Update

CEO\Aviation Director Mark Gale's presentation to the Broward County Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - Read and/or print the Emergency Notification and Communication presentation (PDF)