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Building A Better Airport Experience

At FLL, it is important to us that you experience a smoother, more comfortable visit. One of the most important ways we’re delivering on that promise is through a new infrastructure upgrade to improve traffic flow and passenger safety. This upgrade will reduce disruption and congestion on main airport roadways and outside terminal areas. 

It also changes the way you travel through our airport as a driver and/or pedestrian on upcoming visits. 

Be aware of new signs and signals

You’ll be seeing new traffic signals and signs in our Arrival Level, outside roadway crossing areas, that weren’t there before. Help us keep everyone safe by staying aware and complying with these new safety signals: ​

Working smarter to make FLL safer.

As we continue with these and other upgrades, we appreciate your patience – and promise that you’ll love the results. We’re working smarter to assure you a safer, better airport experience.