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Thank you for choosing to ado​pt from Broward County Animal Care!

We are located at 2400 SW 42nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, 33312 Our Adoption Center is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11AM to 6PM We are CLOSED ON MONDAY.

I'm Ready to Find a New​ Best Friend!

To begin your exciting search for your new best friend, please start by browsing all of the dogs and cats in our care:

View Dogs View Cats

Our list of dogs and cats includes both adoptable pets that are ready to go home immediately and lost pets waiting to be reunited with their owner.

In order to give all of our pets every opportunity to find a home, you may place a $20 non-refundable deposit on a lost dog or cat. If the pet is not claimed by his owner, you will be able to adopt the pet.

To place a hold on a pet, simply come to our shelter and complete either a Dog Adoption Application or a Cat Adoption Application.

I See a Pet I'm Interested in Adopting! Now What?

We make it as easy as possible to get your new friend home! Here's all you have to do:

  1. Come and meet your new best friend! (Need directions?)
  2. Complete either a Dog Adoption Application or a Cat Adoption Application.
  3. Bring a photo ID, such as a driver license, state-issued ID card or U.S. Passport The address on your photo ID must list the same address where you live If your place of residency does not match what is listed on your photo ID, you must bring proof of residency, such as a utility bill.

Fast Facts

Your new pet will come complete with:

  • Physical exam
  • All necessary vaccinations
  • Spaying or neutering
  • Broward County Rabies Registration License Tag
  • Microchip

Need More Info or Help?

  • Call us at 954-359-1313 or 954-359-1010
  • Don't know how to find us? Directions
Frequently Asked Questions​​​​​​​