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Animal CareLost/FoundReporting a Found Pet Without Identification
Reporting Found Pet Without I.D.

​​​While it’s more difficult to reunite a lost pet with its owner when it has no identification, there are still things you can do to achieve a happy reunion. You may:

  1. Call us at 954-359-1313, ext. 9260 or e-mail us at and leave a message with the following information:
    (a) Your name
    (b) Your phone number
    (c) Detailed description of the pet, including: type (cat or dog), breed, sex, and color(s)
    Our staff will call you back no later than the next business day if the pet owner has filed a Lost Report for the pet you found.
  2. Bring the pet to our shelter. Shelter Information
  3. Call our Dispatch Line to have an Animal Care Officer pick up the pet: Daily 8AM - 9PM call 954-359-1313, Option 2.  After 9PM and on County-observed holidays, call your local Police Department.
Frequently Asked Questions