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Animal Care WebPortal


Wow! Thank you Broward County residents for helping us spay and neuter pets in our County. We are seeing a great increase in the number of requested surgery vouchers.

To ensure funding continues through the height of our Community's needs, we are limiting the number of vouchers issued per day. If you are not able to obtain a voucher today, please try again tomorrow.

Welcome to the Animal Care WebPortal!

By creating a profile at the WebPortal, you will be able to apply to our spay/neuter (sterilization) programs for pet owners, as well as unowned Community/Feral cats.

These programs include:

  • The SNIP Program (for owned pets only)
  • A spay/neuter voucher program for Community/Feral cats (for unowned cats only)

To access these programs, simply create an online profile. Once your profile is created, you will be able to add information about each of your pets or Community Cats and apply for a voucher in order to have them spayed/neutered. You may add or update your information as often as you like.

Create your profile by clicking the button below:

Need help navigating the WebPortal? Then check out our instructional video for assistance and details!