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SNIP Program

Welcome to the SNIP Program!

The SNIP Program is here!

Animal Care's goal is to help reduce the number of dog and cat births through proactive sterilization programs such as SNIP.
SNIP is a voucher-based program, which provides free or low-cost sterilization services for OWNED dogs and cats.
The program is open to ALL Broward County residents. SNIP services will include spay/neuter surgery; a rabies vaccination, and a Broward County Rabies Registration License Tag.

SNIP Program Details

  • Some pets may have a co-pay amount. The amount of the co-pay is determined upon completion of the online SNIP Application.
  • Electronic vouchers are issued for use at a SNIP Provider Clinic.
  • Any required co-payment must be paid to the SNIP Provider at the time of surgery.
  • The voucher must be used within 60 days from the date of issue.
  • The number of free and reduced-cost SNIP sterilizations is limited to available funding.


  • You must have an e-mail account, or establish an e-mail account, in order to apply to SNIP
  • First-time users must establish/register a SNIP account.
  • The password you enter for your SNIP account must consist of letters, numbers and characters (;, !, @, $, % +, ?, /, =).
  • When re-entering the SNIP application, remember that the password is case sensitive!

Wow! Thank you Broward County residents for helping us spay and neuter pets in our County. We are seeing a great increase in the number of requested surgery vouchers.

T o ensure funding continues through the height of our Community's needs, we are limiting the number of vouchers issued per day. If you are not able to obtain a voucher today, please try again tomorrow.

In order to apply for the SNIP Program, you must first create an Owner Profile with us. Doing so is easy. Simply click on the button below to begin. Don't forget to pay close attention to the instructions in the box above. Registering for a profile the first time can be tricky if instructions aren't followed carefully!

SNIP Program. Apply Here!