Surrender Prevention

Surrendering your pet to a shelter should always be a last resort!* Shelters are designed to house strays and lost animals. They are not the appropriate place to leave a family pet, hoping someone will adopt it.

Before taking your dog or cat to a shelter, please do all you can to find your pet a new home on your own! If you are considering giving up your pet because of the associated costs to feed or provide medical care, there is assistance available. If the issue is about bad behavior, there are free obedience classes to help resolve training problems. If it’s about not being allowed to keep your pet at home, there are resources that list pet-friendly residences.

Steps You Should Take to Find Your Pet a New Home

  1. Distribute flyers about your pet in your immediate area. Someone in your neighborhood may want to adopt your pet and give it a good home.
  2. Place an ad in the newspaper or online.
  3. Check with your :
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Co-workers
    • Veterinary offices
    • Pet groomers
    • Pet boarding kennels
  4. If your pet is a specific breed, try contacting the local breed rescue group for assistance.
  5. A not-for-profit rescue organization may be able to take your pet and place it for adoption.

Other Resources

Adopt-A-Pet has a rehoming program that may be able to help. Please click the link below for more information.