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Lunch Buddies

​​What is Lunch Buddies?

Lunch Buddies is a fun activity that falls under our Foster program. Volunteers sign up to help improve the lives of our shelter animals and increase their likelihood of adoption by giving them opportunities to interact within the community at parks, restaurants, and other locations. The program also allows Broward County Animal Care to create awareness about our facility, volunteers to develop meaningful interactions with our dogs, and an opportunity for dogs to enjoy a few hours outside of the kennels. 

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Where can I take a Lunch Buddies date?

​See this document for pet-friendly accommodations that are perfect for a Lunch Buddies date. Some locations even offer discounts.  

How do I get Involved?

Email Foster@Browa​ for more information. 

Each Volunteer Should Follow These Rules: 

  • Please do not take your Lunch Buddies date to a dog park or walk them on a flexi-leash.
  • Do not leave your Lunch Buddies date unattended in your fenced yard.
  • In the event of an emergency, the volunteer should call 911 and then the Foster Coordinator. 
  • If a person is interested in adopting the dog, give them a Lunch Buddies business card with all the dog’s information. 
  • If volunteer wishes to keep dog overnight or over a weekend for a sleepover it is at the discretion of the Foster Coordinator to approve it and make arrangements for return.
  • Dogs should be walked on a short leash (kept close to the handler) to maintain control and for safety.
  • Before taking a dog off-site, the Volunteer Coordinator will ensure that in addition to a properly fitted “Adopt Me” collar, the dog is wearing a harness and has an ID tag. Both should be snug-fitting (no more than two fingers able to fit between the collar or harness and the dog’s body) and securely attached to an “Adopt Me” leash.
  • Each dog will also be wearing an “Adopt Me” vest or scarf.
  • Monitor the dog for anxiety, overheating, fatigue, and thirst.
  • Maintain awareness of other animals and people.
  • Maintain awareness of traffic, including bikers and walkers/runners.
  • Practice traffic safety, including using crosswalks, yielding the right-of-way to bikers and runners and looking both ways before crossing any street.
  • Manage interactions between his/her dog and other dogs and humans.
  • Volunteers should not use headphones or cell phones while handling a dog and should be vigilant of their surroundings.
  • Dogs chosen for the Lunch Buddies Program should not interact with other dogs while out on their date. This is the best way to avoid a dog fight.
  • Volunteers are responsible for picking up and properly disposing of dog waste.
  • Volunteer handlers should always maintain control of their dog and dog should never be let off the leash.
  • Notes about behavior should be sent in an email or text to the Volunteer Coordinator (if not urgent) so the animal behavior notes can be updated.