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​​​​Broward County animal ordinances require that every dog, cat and ferret in our community receive a rabies vaccination.  In addition, by law, dogs and cats must have and wear a Broward County Pet Rabies Registration Tag on their collar. Why is this so important?

Rabies is a worldwide disease that can be deadly to both animals and people. Not only does a rabies vaccination protect your pet against getting the rabies virus, it also safeguards residents and other animals from the spread of the disease throughout our community.

Why is a Pet Rabies Registration Tag so important? Think of it as your pet’s personal cell phone! Broward County Animal Care takes in more than 20,000 lost, stray or surrendered dogs and cats each year. If your pet ever becomes lost, the tag is one of the best ways to ensure you are reunited with your pet – either through Broward County Animal Care, or by a fellow resident who finds your animal.

Funds received from the cost of the registration are used to help feed and care for shelter animals, including important medical treatment. Additionally, proceeds from tag sales help fund sterilization programs.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

For help, questions and concerns related to your pet's Rabies Registration Tag, or if you have moved or your pet's status has changed, please complete and submit a Rabies Tag Inquiry Form for response and service.

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