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Registration Requirements

Registering Your Pet

Losing a dog or cat is one of the most heart-breaking situations a pet parent can go through. The best way to ensure a happy reunion with your dog or cat is to have your pet properly registered with us. Once registered, you will receive a Rabies Tag that must be securely attached to your pet’s collar. This way, if your pet does become lost, we are able to contact you right away so that he can return home as quickly and safely as possible.

Registration Requirements

  • Broward County requires that all dogs and cats, four months or older, must be registered and wear a Rabies Tag.
  • Your pet must first be vaccinated against rabies to be registered. A copy of a current Rabies Certificate, issued by a licensed veterinarian, must be presented at the time of purchase.
  • If a licensed veterinarian has determined that a rabies vaccination will be detrimental to your pet’s health, he may issue a Waiver Certificate. This Certificate must be signed by the veterinarian and sent to Broward County Animal Care. However, a Rabies Tag must still be purchased.
  • “Indoor” pets are not exempt from Broward County’s registration requirement.
  • Pets that have a tattoo, microchip or personalized name tag, are still required to have a Broward County Rabies Tag.
  • Only one-year Rabies Tags are available. The tag must be renewed each year on the anniversary of your pet's rabies vaccination, even if your pet received a three-year vaccine.

For help, questions and concerns related to your pet's Rabies Registration Tag, please complete and submit a Rabies Tag Inquiry Form for response and service.