Tag Registration Database

​​​Animal Care’s Tag Registration Database allows you to lookup tag information for a pet you have found or for your own pet(s). Through the Database, you can also purchase or renew a tag or request an update on your pet’s information.

  • TAG NUMBER LOOKUP:  To lookup​ pet information by Tag Number (in the form of LXX-XXXXXX) or Tattoo number only
    (Note: tattoos are typically located on the inner back thigh of a dog or cat). 
  • PET INFORMATION LOOKUP:  To search ​your own pet information using your license or microchip number, or the reference information on any notice or postcard we may have sent you.
  • PURCHASE A PET TAG ONLINE:  You can purchase or renew your pet’s License tag online
  • TO CORRECT/UPDATE YOUR PET INFORMATION:  If you or your pet’s status has changed: 

    • Your pet Is now deceased

    • Your pet has been spayed/neutered

    • You have moved out of Broward County

    • You have transferred your pet to someone else. Please complete an Ownership Transfer Form and submit with your request.
E-mail your information to animalcare@broward.org​ OR submit a ​Rabies Tag Inquiry Form.​ (Select "Request for Service" and when presented with the "Type of Service" dropdown menu, select "Animal Care Tags/Pet Information," then "Update Owner of Pet Information").