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Volunteers Make a Difference!

Hey--want to do something awesome? Then become part of our Volunteer Team! It's fun and it's easy to apply! 

Join the Team!

To volunteer at Broward County Animal Care, you must do TWO things: 

1. You must register to Volunteer.  Registration is required, and must be your first step in order to join our team!

2. Once you are registered, you must take part in a Volunteer Orientation.  This is MANDATORY!  Please sign up to attend one of the dates below! 

Orientation Dates:

  • Friday February 7th, at 5:00PM
  • Saturday March 7th,  at 12:00PM (Noon)
  • Friday April 3rd, at 5:00PM
  • Saturday May 2nd at 12:00PM (Noon)
  • Friday, June 5th at 5PM
Please note the following conditions:  

  • You must be at least 16 years old. 
  • You must be able to work independently with minimum supervision.
  • Our Adoption Center is a busy, active place, so you must be able to stand up to 3 hours at a time and have full range of motion. We also require that you be able to commit to a minimum of 8 hours each month.
  • Groups who are interested in volunteering their time, must contact the Volunteer Coordinator at
  • PLEASE NOTE: We do not fulfill court-ordered community service hours. 

Current Volunteer Positions:

Current volunteer positions include: Kennel Support; Lobby Greeter; Admissions Assistant, and Dog Enrichment.​​

Student Community Service Hours

Students can earn Community Service Hours in the following Categories:

Foster Care Program

  • Receive 40 hours for caring for a litter of kittens, or
  • Receive 40 hours for fostering a dog in need for two weeks
Volunteer Program
  • Students, age 16 or older, will receive one Community Service hour for every hour of service provided at our Adoption Center or an event.

For more information about our Volunteer Program, please check our Frequently Asked Questions or e-mail