Cultural Festival Program*

To assist eligible Broward-based, not-for-profit cultural organizations and public entities which are a municipality, a state government agency, a political subdivision of the State of Florida located primarily in Broward County, or a sovereign native American nation, i.e., a federally recognized native American Indian tribe with funding for reimbursable project expenses associated with providing exhibitions, performances, or other cultural festival-related activities which are open to the general public.

Applicants must meet the general eligibility requirements for funding from the Broward County Board of County Commissioners, or a consortium of organizations or entities with each individual member of which meets the eligibility requirements, may apply for funding.


Eligibility: Programs presented in a public place or at an area in Broward County (such as an indoor or outdoor venue), and are open to the general public; All cultural festival programming activities funded by the County shall be of high artistic quality and contribute to creating an authentic cultural identity for the neighborhoods and municipalities throughout Broward County. The festival funding category will support projects that include audience participation and/or immersion around a programmatic focus. Projects should include the involvement of multiple community organizations, presenters, performance groups, and/or individual artists; Projects that are part of, or promote, the creative industries or the cultural arts districts; or projects that demonstrate historical and diverse cultural heritage and local specific cultural arts activities. Reimbursable project expenses associated with providing funding for exhibitions, performances, or other cultural festival-related activities.

Matching Funds: The applicant must provide a one-to-one cash match. In-kind services or in-kind items will not be allowed for complying with the cash match requirements.


Award Size: On a funds available basis, the Council shall decide the amount of the award subject to the availability of County funds preapproved by the Board for the program.​


Application Deadline: 
*Funds for this grant have been fully distributed. Please revisit this site at a later time for updated information.


Requests for funding to the Cultural Festival Program is a “two-stage” proposal process.

  1. Letter of Intent: Prospective applicants will first submit a LOI, (or a Letter of Intent, or a stage-one proposal) which is a “project concept” and budget which will be presented to the Broward Cultural Council (BCC) for consideration, at their monthly meetings in September, December March and June.
  2. CFP Application: Projects that are approved by the BCC, then, applicants are notified and invited to submit a full application (stage-two), by the published program deadline: October 1, January 10, April 1, or July 1. Proposals are then reviewed by a peer review panel (members of the BCC and the community) for making final recommendations.

All applications must be submitted, online, on, or before, October 1; January 10; April 1; or July 1 at 11:59 PM.

 Important Dates

Application Deadline July 1, 2020
Letter of Intent (LOI) by  April 30, 2020 at 11:59 PM