Program Support

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The Cultural Division's Program Support grant category provides project-based support to arts and culture organizations and non-arts nonprofit organizations in the production and presentation of high-quality artistic activities. These ongoing and one-time projects broaden and deepen audience participation and increase access to the arts for visitors and residents throughout Broward County.

Program Implementation Period: October 1, 2023 - September 30, 2024

Note: First-time applicants for funding programs must first apply in Program Support and establish a three-year track record within this category before gaining eligibility to apply for the general operating support grant.

Program Support funded projects must meet the following conditions: 

  • A project may consist of one or more specific events or activities; it may be part of or all of an applicant's regular season or activities. Applicants that undertake a single short-term project in a year - a ten-day jazz festival, for example - could apply for the event, or they could identify certain components (such as the presentation of a key artist and the associated activities) as their project. 
  • Projects may be new and untested or ongoing with proven track records. 
  • Projects do not need to be large. The Division welcomes small-scale projects that can make a difference in a community or artistic field. 
  • Projects may cover a broad range of singular and multiple artistic disciplines.

Program Support Grant Tiers / Awards

Eligible organizations can apply for funding in three discrete grant tiers. The maximum amount of funding that an organization can receive from each of these tiers is $15,000, $10,000, or $5,000. The grant tiers are based on the overall program or project cost and require a minimum of a 1:1 cash match. There is no match in the $5,000 grant tier.

Therefore, an organization with project expenses of $30,000 or more can apply for a $15,000 grant and an organization with project expenses of $20,000 or more can apply for a $10,000 grant.

If an applicant has received a Cultural Division grant in the past but has not met the required program expenses or income to be eligible in the grant tier in which they were awarded, the Division may restrict which grant tier an applicant can apply for in future grant applications.

Program Support Schedule FY24

Eligibility Deadline: December 30, 2022

Application Deadline: January 27, 2023

PS Panel Review:​

  • $15,000 Award: March 9, 2023
  • $15,000 Award:March 14, 2023 (Regionals)
  • $10,000/$5,000 Award: March 22, 2023