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Grant programs


The Cultural Division offers a variety of Incentive Programs designed to promote the development of Broward-based not-for-profit cultural organizations, municipalities and not-for-profit agencies that sponsor art activities and enhance the cultural environment of the people of Broward County.

Incentive Programs are awarded on a competitive basis and the Broward Board of County Commissioners determines the amount available in any given year. Incentive Programs are paid on a reimbursement basis, contingent upon the successful completion of the project or program and meeting the requirements of the Incentive Program agreement.

How To Apply

We fund organizations, Municipalities, artists and community-based educators living/working within Broward County, Florida.

All applicants must meet general eligibility and specific program requirements at the time of application. If you are new to the online system, please register as a (click on) "New Applicant?" to create an account profile (an account allows you to access your saved and submitted applications at any time. It also allows us to send you a submission confirmation e-mail and notify you if additional information is necessary to process your application). If you already have an account, please sign in using your E-mail address and Password to access your saved and completed applications.

1. Verify Eligibility 

For Cultural Non-for-profits 

For Individual Artists 

2. Apply for  a Funding Program

For Eligible Individuals


Assistance Programs 

For Eligible Organizations


For Eligible Municipalities

​3. Attend a Workshop (optional)


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