​The Cultural Division offers various grant programs to support eligible artists, non-profit organizations, and municipalities to promote the sustainability and development of the arts and culture in Broward County.


Grant funding for the Division is made possible by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners during each year's budget process. While many of the Division's counterparts around the country are funded through hotel/motel taxes (in Florida, called Tourist Development Tax), the Cultural Division is funded primarily through appropriations from the County's General Fund. As a result of the annual grant panel process, the Division works with the County's Office of Management and Budget, County Administration, and the Commission to budget an appropriate amount for the support and growth of the County's arts and culture sector. Funding recommendations are the result of a community-driven review process involving citizen arts experts, the Broward Cultural Council, and the Board of County Commissioners. While the grant process is open to all eligible artists and organizations, submitting an application is not a guarantee of funding.​