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Broward Arts' Awards
Over the years, Broward County Cultural Division has been the proud recipient of numerous awards, in showmanship for dedication to government programming, graphic design elements, design and greenways master plan, all which celebrate the overall dedication to the arts and culture within the county.   

ADDY® Awards

Sponsored by the American Advertising Federation (AAF), the ADDY® Awards—often referred to as the Grammys of the South Florida advertising industry—honor excellence in advertising and cultivate the highest creative standards. Each fall the competition begins at the local level with the 210 AAF member clubs around the country. Entries must first be submitted in a local competition to be eligible for the ADDY® process. The local winners proceed to 14 regional competitions, and those winners proceed to the national finals. With 60,000 entries, the ADDY® Awards are the nation’s largest advertising competition.

The Broward County Cultural Division received the following ADDY® awards:
The Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC), and ArtServe, Inc.
2012:  a Silver ADDY® award for the 2011 Arts Teacher of the Year Invitation
2011:  a Silver ADDY® award for the Creative Broward 2020 campaign
2010:  a Silver ADDY® award for the Gallery Guide 2009 (PDF)
2009:  a Silver ADDY® award for the Cultural Quarterly Online Arts Magazine
2006:  a Silver ADDY award for the Public Art and Design Online Web Tour
:  A Silver ADDY® award for 4 bookmarks commemorating Broward's Public Art
2004:  A Gold ADDY® award for fine-arts magazine, Cultural Quarterly and A Silver ADDY® award for Arts License Plate Campaign poster

 NACIO Awards

Members of the National Association of County Information Officers (NACIO).  NACIO strives to create a better understanding of the duties of county government and to improve the communication skills of NACIO members and all other county officials. In order of importance, the awards are given as: Best in Class, Superior, Excellence, and Meritorious, and the following is the class and category of the Division’s winning awards.
Description/Title Category Award Level
​Broward Arts Monthly Newsletter  ​Email Newsletter to Citizens  ​Superior
​Broward Arts Facebook Page  ​Best Facebook ​Superior
​Art Hive Magazine ​Feature Writing and Columns ​Superior
​Pioneer Day 2017 ​Graphics for Brochures and Publications ​Excellence
​Annual Planning Forum 2017  ​Ceremonies / Community Events ​Excellence
​Arts Ed Forever / Arts Teacher of the Year ​Ceremonies / Community Events ​Excellence
​A Fresh Cup of Art  ​Ceremonies / Community Events ​Excellence
​Broward Cultural Division Strategic Plan  Annual Reports ​Excellence
​A Conversation with Sarah Thornton ​One-page Brochure ​Meritorious
​Pioneer Day 2017 ​Ceremonies / Community Events  Meritorious
Description/Title Category Award Level
​Counterpoints Photography Project  ​Photography ​Superior
​Arts Calendar Blog ​News writing ​Superior
​ArtsEd Forever Brochure and Publicity ​brochures and publications ​Superior
​Broward Arts Monthly Email ​Email newsletter ​Superior
​Destination Sistrunk / Cultural Marketplace ​Outdoor Event Special projects ​Superior
​'Sailfish Ascending'
Counterpoints Photograph
​Photograph ​Excellence
​Rainbow's End - Airport Terrazzo Unveiling ​Special graphics ​Excellence
​Cultural Quarterly Online Edition ​Email newsletter ​Excellence
​Cultural Quarterly - Print Edition ​Publications ​Meritorious
​Broward Arts Facebook Page ​Best Facebook page Meritorious
Description/Title Category Award Level
Cultural Quarterly Flip Book ​Electronic Publications: Websites ​Best of Class
​Museum and Gallery Guide ​Brochures: Multiple Page Booklets ​Superior
​Public Art at Port Everglades ​Brochures: One Page ​Superior
​Cultural E-News ​Electronic Communications:Email Newsletter ​Superior
​Promotional Campaign and Advertising Plan for We, the Passion and Rhythm of the People ​Special Projects: Ceremonies or
Community Events
​Cultural Quarterly Flip Book ​Electronic Publications: Websites ​Superior
​Broward Cultural Division brochure ​Brochures: Multiple Pages ​Excellent
​Arts Calendar Weekly email ​Electronic Communications: Email ​​Excellent
​State of the Art License Plate ​Public Education: Campaign or Event ​​Excellent
​Culturally Speaking - column in Go Riverwalk ​Writing: Feature Writing or Columns ​​Excellent
​Grants Pocket Guide ​Category: Publications: External ​Meritorious
Description/Title Category Award Level
Cultural Quarterly, Spring/Summer 2014 Issue Publications Best of Class
Broward 100 at the Block Party External Publications Excellent
Broward 100 Press Kit External Publications Excellent
Broward 100 Public Education Public Education Campaign Excellent
Creative and Cultural Industries Symposium Ceremonies/Community Events Meritorious
Broward Moments Public Education Campaign Meritorious
Broward 100 Website Website Meritorious

Description/Title Category Award Level
Cultural Quarterly Magazine Website Superior
Broward Cultural Division E-News Writing: Promotional/Persuasive Writing Meritorious
Commissioner Chip LaMarca Accepts AFTA Award Speech Writing Meritorious

Description/Title Category Award Level
Economic Impact of Broward's
Nonprofit Arts & Culture
Brochures, Multiple-page Booklets Best of class
Broward Cultural Division E-News  Promotional/Persuasive Writing Superior Brochures, Multiple-page Booklets Excellence
Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute Campaign Brochures, Multiple-page Booklets Meritorious

Description/Title Category Award Level
Cultural Division website Digital Media Meritorious
Description/Title Category Award Level
"Culturally Speaking" column- Go Riverwalk Writing, Feature Writing Excellence
Broward Life Line & the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Graphic Design Superior
CreativeBROWARD 2020:  A Plan for Cultural & Economic Development in Broward County Graphic Design Meritorious
Description/Title Category Award Level
Museum and Gallery Guide
Brochures/Multiple-Page Booklets
Best of Class
Broward Cultural Division Brochure
Brochures/Multiple-Page Booklets
Natural Forces Brochure
Brochures/Multiple-Page Booklets
"Culturally Speaking" column- Go Riverwalk Writing, Feature Writing Superior
2010 Arts Teacher of the Year -Invite Graphic Design Excellence
Natural Forces Poster Graphic Design Excellence
Description/Title Category Award Level
Artists’ Services Campaign (brochure series including the Artist Guide, Artists as an Entrepreneur and Micro Loan brochure)
Graphic Design, Logos, Themes and Letterheads
"Culturally Speaking" column series- Go Riverwalk (monthly column)
Writing, Feature Writing Meritorious
2009 Arts Teacher of the Year Invite Special Projects Meritorious
Jonathan Green Festival Special Projects Meritorious
Description/Title Category Award Level
Cultural Quarterly External Publication Superior
"Culturally Speaking" column - Go Riverwalk External Publication Excellence
2008 Arts Teacher of the Year -Invite & Program Graphic Design Meritorious

Description/Title Category Award Level
Cultural Quarterly External Publication Meritorious
30 Years of Public Art and Design Video Video Excellence

Description/Title Category Award Level
Cultural Quarterly External Publication Superior
Public Art and Design 30th Year Logo Graphic Design Superior
2005 Arts Teacher of the Year Invitation Graphic Design Superior
Richard Florida Event Special Projects Meritorious
Learning World Cultures Through the Arts Special Projects Meritorious
Community Design Toolbox Web Resource Websites Meritorious

Description/Title Category Award Level
Broward Cultural Division 2004 Annual Report  External Publication Meritorious
Public Art and Design Map and Guide Graphic Design Excellence
Workshop Calendar Graphic Design Meritorious
You’re a Click Away, rack brochure Special Projects Meritorious
Cultural Quarterly External Publication Superior
Library Bond Bookmarks    Superior
2004 Arts Teacher of the Year Invitation Graphic Design Excellence
Public Art and Design Web Tour Websites Superior
 Public Art - Year in Review 

Public Art Network

Broward County Cultural Division's Public Art & Design has been selected to be featured in the Year in Review by Americans for the Arts since 2001.
The Public Art Network’s Year in Review program is the only national award that specifically recognizes public art projects. The field is advanced by the commitment of artists to produce exceptional work, public art programs and administrators who facilitate public processes, and the two independent curators all of whom dedicate time and thoughtful detail. Broward County has had 10 pieces of public art chosen to be included in the "Year in Review" since 2001.

Americans For The Arts National Award

2004 Public Leadership in the Arts Award
Each year, Americans for the Arts recognizes elected officials and legendary artists who have exhibited outstanding leadership in the advancement of the arts at the national, state, and local levels.

Commissioner Chip LaMarca received the 

American for the Arts Award 2013 for Broward County

United States Urban Arts Federation

Mary Becht, Director of the Broward County Cultural Division received the 2009 Ray Hanley Innovation Award by the United States Urban Arts Federation (USUAF). A coalition of leaders from the country’s 60 largest cities, USUAF established the award in 2007 to honor both Hanley and others who make outstanding individual contributions to arts and culture in American cities. 

In December 2005, the National Endowment for the Arts announced that the Broward County Board of County Commission’s Cultural Division was the recipient of a $30,000 grant. The Division will use this Access to Artistic Excellence grant award for an E- Marketing Program, a Regional Shared Database and Electronic Advertisements.

The Access to Artistic Excellence grant category funds projects that are of a national, regional, or field-wide significance, and that are likely to serve as models for the field. Funds in the amount of $20.4 million will be awarded to 844 grants across the county, and this is one of 19 grants within the state of Florida, through the Access to Artistic Excellence category as well as Literature Fellowships for individuals.
Additionally, the award builds on a VisionBROWARD Creative Industries Task Force recommendation, to support a “sense of place” and “foster excellence in public and private sector community design, historic preservation and establish private development initiatives for public art.”
 "Designing the World's Best Public Art"

In 2002, four of Broward County’s public artworks were listed in an Australian Publication Designing the World’s Best Public Art listed among an international ensemble of some of the world’s finest public artworks. The 200-page, richly bound and dramatically displayed book is a work of art itself, and features artwork from California, Denver, Arizona, New York and Indiana, and then internationally from Spain, Cuba, Japan and The Czech Republic.

Each artist and each program in Designing the World’s Best Public Art is considered to be among the world’s best and this book features some of the most outstanding works of public art ever presented in one volume. The Cultural Affairs Division’s Public Art & Design Program proudly showcases: Broward County’s Judicial Complex, Accordant Zones, 1994, artist Barbara Neijna & Ned Smith; Port Everglades, Calypso 1998, Tobey Archer; SW Regional Library, Everglades Trespass, 2000, Carl Cheng and Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, Light Cylinders, 2001, Jody Pinto and readers get an up-close look at some of the finest public artwork in Broward County.

 National Association of Counties Award  (NACo)

2011 -Two Achievement Awards

Award 1:  CreativeBROWARD 2020: A Plan for Cultural & Economic Development in Broward County
A 10-year Community Cultural Plan that examines diversity connected to Creative Economy, Cultural Tourism and Public Art and Design, and provides a comprehensive needs assessment, vision, draft legislation, policy framework, recommendations, strategies, funding requirements, funding sources, evaluation instrument, and benchmarks. 

Award 2: NEA/ARRA Broward County Lifeline Grant Program/Protecting & Preserving non-profit arts jobs!  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is an unprecedented effort to jumpstart the nation's troubled economy with an economic stimulus plan totaling $787 billion in spending and tax cuts. This largest single cash infusion into the economy in American history was signed into law by President Barack Obama on February 17, 2009.

1999 -First Annual Arts & Culture Award

This award program is designed to encourage counties to submit successful programs that have used arts and cultural activities to address not only the quality of life, but also social problems in their communities. Eligibility is extended not only to outstanding arts and historical preservation programs, but also to innovative funding processes that have been used to fund arts and cultural programs.

2005 -Theater of Regeneration Award 

In 2005 Broward County Commission’s Cultural Division, and Parks and Recreation Division, recently received recognition for the Theater of Regeneration, Park Bond Master Plan from the National Association of Counties Achievement Award Program.

This award program recognizes counties for improving the management and services provided by county government. Awards are made in more than twenty categories, ranging from Arts and Historic Preservation to Volunteerism.

“I remember this program particularly,” says Jacqueline Byers, director of research at NACo, “as an example of outstanding leadership in an arts environment. With a three pronged approach a) strong commitment by county commissioners through the referendum for funding b) all-inclusive team to develop the program—artists, city officials, environmental experts, cultural area leaders c)  and momentum, the project is actually moving along.”
The Park Bond Master Plan Theatre of Regeneration: towards an aesthetic of layers, loops, and lenses tells a story about Broward County’s landscape and the social and ecological processes that have acted upon it. The Plan gives a framework for conceptualizing, locating, and linking art projects within the unfolding drama of Broward’s landscape ecology. Within a thirty-year vision and two- and ten year implementation plans, sixteen projects are linked by eight physical and conceptual loop designs.

Environmental artist Lorna Jordan and her design team were chosen from a highly competitive group of 50 artists’ teams to create a Master Plan for parks and natural areas.

 Encore Award - Arts Administrator of the Year

In 2009 Artserve named Broward Cultural Division’s grants administrator, James Shermer, as the ‘ Arts Administrator of the Year,’ in the 20th annual ArtServe Encore Awards program. 

The winners were chosen by an esteemed panel of judges including: Edith Gooden-Thompson, Chair of the Broward Cultural Council; Chris Tiedje of the Sun-Sentinel; Mark Budwig of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce; Carey McKearnan of JES Publishing; and Pam Dearden of Gold Coast Jazz Society. 

 Environmental Design Research Assoc. Award

In 2004 the Cultural Division's Public Art & Design Program was pleased to announce that the Park & Land Bond Public Art Master Plan received an Environmental Design Research Association Place Planning Award .

The EDRA/Places awards are sponsored in cooperation with Metropolis magazine. The awards recognize professional and scholarly excellence in environmental design. Now in its tenth year, the program is distinguished by its interdisciplinary focus, its concern for human factors in the design of the built environment, and its commitment to promoting links between design research and practice.

 Save Outdoor Sculpture "SOS"

In 1999 the Cultural Division's Public Art & Design Program won First Place Achievement Award from SOS.  SOS is a national project to preserve the country's artistically and historically significant sculpture.  Broward's program was honored for implementing a 2% for Art ordinance which includes a provision establishing a permanent maintenance trust fund for its collection.