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Andrews Avenue Bridge Artistic Lighting
National Call to Professional Visual Artists

Andrews Avenue Bridge Call to Artists

Due: January 31, 2020  

In partnership with the Highway Bridge and Maintenance Division, Broward Cultural Division's Public Art & Design Program is seeking to commission one artistic lighting designer or lighting design team (Professional Visual Artist), to create an artistic lighting design to transform the Andrews Avenue Bridge located in downtown Fort Lauderdale. The drawbridge spans the New River between Las Olas Boulevard and South Fifth Street. This artistic intervention shall create a sense of place, bring interest, and help activate the riverfront.

Agency: Highway Bridge & Maintenance Division                  

Broward County's Highway Bridge and Maintenance Division oversees management for major projects dedicated to maintenance and improvement of County roadways and their components as well as the operation and maintenance of County drawbridges and the control of mosquitos countywide. The Division is currently overseeing the Andrews Avenue Drawbridge renovation project. This project consists of replacing the bridge's electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems, upgrading the sidewalk ramps near the bridge, the bridge-tender house, and installing noise mitigation components on the bridge deck, and lighting under the bridge deck.

Artwork Scope        

The Professional Visual Artist shall design, fabricate and install unique, site specific, artistic lighting design for the Andrews Avenue Bridge. Artwork opportunities exist at the bridge-tender house, the sidewalk from Las Olas Boulevard to the bridge pedestrian ramp, the underside of the bridge deck and the bridge pillars. The artistic lighting design shall make a visual statement and be impactful to the community. Artwork shall be visible from a variety of locations including, from boats traversing the New River, from the Andrews Avenue Bridge and the riverfront. Additional artistic treatments may be considered by the shortlisted Professional Visual Artists, but an artwork with a strong lighting design component is desirable. In order to develop a holistic approach to the artistic treatments along the New River, the selected Professional Visual Artist, upon entering into an agreement with the County, shall submit conceptual design proposals for the two other bridges adjacent to the Andrews Avenue bridge: The S. Avenue of the Arts and the SE 3rd Avenue bridges. These conceptual designs could be further developed and implemented under separate agreements.

The artistic lighting design must be highly durable, and resistant to weather inherent in outdoor, and waterfront environments. Long-term maintenance must be minimal and assured by the proper selection and installation of materials. Shortlisted Professional Visual Artists shall coordinate proposed artwork location(s), with major architectural or engineering interface, such as any structural support, proposed anchoring systems, if applicable, electrical interface, such as power source, with the Agency representative and bridge renovation Design Team. All elements attached to the structure must be designed to withstand 152 mph winds or as required by the current Florida Building Code and with an engineered anchoring system designed by a Florida licensed structural engineer. An Information Meeting will be scheduled by the County for the shortlisted Professional Visual Artists to discuss possible artwork opportunities in consultation with Agency representative. The shortlisted Professional Visual Artist will receive additional information about the project including maps, photos, and architectural drawings of the bridge. 



Design Parameters

The installation of the artwork must not affect the structural integrity of the existing structures and create traffic hazard. The selected Professional Visual Artist must coordinate the location of the artwork with County's Agency representative. The artwork shall be in compliance with the 2017 Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) guidelines, and the 2017 Florida Building Code, or the most updated version, whichever is most current. The selected Professional Visual Artist shall hire a Florida licensed structural and electrical engineers, and other professionals, as needed, and should rely on their expertise for this project.


Artistic Services

Interaction with community, agency, design team and general contractor will be required. Other activities include:

• Design development of approved conceptual design

• Permitting

• Fabrication, delivery and installation of the artwork

• Community engagement and outreach


Project Budget

The total budget established for this project shall not exceed $450,000.00. The budget must include Professional Visual Artist's design fee, presentation expenses, lighting design and implementation, artwork fabrication, delivery, and installation, insurance, travel, Professional Visual Artist's contingency, and all applicable taxes. The budget shall also include meetings with County agencies, Florida licensed structural and electrical engineers, engineer(s) needed to prepare the permit drawings, as needed, and general contractor. Additional expenses shall include permits fees, and all construction costs required to complete the artwork.


Applicants Eligibility

This Call to Professional Visual Artists is open to professional lighting designers, or design team, eighteen years of age or older; residing in the United States or with offices based in the United States, who have not been previously selected for a County project in the past 10 years and who have completed a minimum of five (5) public art projects with a budget of $25,000 or more and have demonstrated experience completing and coordinating exterior lighting designs with construction project managers, and related contractors, engineers and architects. Professional Visual Artist shall review and accept the terms of the Broward County Standards Agreement before applying to the Call to Professional Visual Artists. Please refer to the Agreement:


Application Process and Selection Criteria

The Broward Cultural Division manages the application process. An Artist Selection Panel (Panel) shall review the applications to this Call to Professional Visual Artists. This Panel includes a member of the Public Art & Design Committee, arts professionals, and an agency and community representative. The Panel shall review the applicants and select a shortlist of finalists on the basis of the excellence of their past work of similar scope, as demonstrated by the visuals and other submission materials. The Panel shall also consider the versatility and appropriateness of the media in which the shortlisted Professional Visual Artists have demonstrated proficiency, as it relates to the scope of this project.


Shortlisted Professional Visual Artists will be invited to develop conceptual design proposals to present in person to the Artist Selection Panel. They will receive information about the project and have a minimum of one (1) month to prepare a conceptual design proposal for review by the Artist Selection Panel. Finalists will be paid a $1,500.00 honorarium for the proposal and presentation expenses and up to $500.00 of approved travel expenses. Finalists' proposals must include a written narrative, visual materials (drawings and optional models) necessary to convey the initial concept or approach to the project, estimated project budget, schematic project schedule, and future maintenance schedule. Proposals, including models/maquettes, become property of Broward County and will not be returned. Finalists must submit digital files of their full presentation five (5) business days prior to the scheduled date of the finalist interviews. The County reserves the right to re-issue this Call to Professional Visual Artists, to reject any and all responses to this Call to Professional Visual Artists, and to negotiate with any qualified Professional Visual Artist selected for this project.


Anticipated Art Project Schedule

Selection of Finalists for Call to Artists: February 2020

Finalist Interviews and Conceptual Design Proposal Selection: March 2020

Artwork Completion and Installation: TBD


Application Requirements

Applications must be submitted via the Submittable website:

 Your application must include:


  • Professional Résumé – Artist (Part 1) shall include public art commissions with contact information for Project Manager or Program Director and budget size of past projects. 


  • Electronic Images Professional Visual Artist must submit 10 digital images of most recent relevant work. All images must be saved using a file name and number that corresponds to the Annotated Image List (see below). Each digital image must feature a single work.  Composites of various artworks in a single image will not be considered. 


  • Annotated Image List – Include name of Professional Visual Artist, title of work, year, media, size, and location of artwork and/or project, project budget, image number and any other relevant information. 

  • NOTE:  Hard copy materials will not be accepted for this Call to Professional Visual Artists.


Application Deadline

Friday, January 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST)



Contact:  Dominique Denis, Public Art & Design Project Manager

Phone: (954) 357-7236



Fraser Poorman, Public Art & Design Art Assistant

Phone: (954) 357-4795




Public Art & Design Committee Members

Bonnie Barnett, Co-Chair, Diane Weinbrum, Co-Chair, Mario M. Cartaya, Lori Pratico, Cathy Donnelly, Linda Flynn, Kristen Hoover, John Sandell.


Broward Cultural Division

Phillip Dunlap, Director

Leslie Fordham, Public Art & Design Administrator


Public Art & Design Program

The Broward County Public Art & Design Program was established in 1976. The purpose of the program is to contribute to the enhancement of the built environment through the commission of works of art that create a sense of place, that improve the visual environment for the citizens of Broward County, and that advance the missions of the County departments where the projects are situated. Commissioned artworks are the result of a dynamic interaction between selected artists and local community and constituent groups during the design phase of each project.

The Broward County Public Art & Design Program is recognized with distinction in national and international circles. In 2017, two public artworks received Community Appearance awards from the City of Fort Lauderdale. In 2002, four of Broward County's public artworks were selected among an international ensemble of some of the world's finest public artworks and listed in the Australian publication, "Designing the World's Best Public Art". Broward County Public Art & Design program is a national leader in developing model public art policies and best practices, producing exemplary public artworks synthesizing design excellence. Broward County has received seven Americans for the Arts Year in Review awards for public art, "an indicator of the program's outstanding commitment in advancing art and design", said Liesel Fenner ASLA, former manager of Public Art Network for Americans for the Arts. Broward County public art installations include works by: Clyde Butcher, James Carpenter, Carl Cheng, George Gadson, Duane Hanson, Chris Janney, Lorna Jordan, Patricia Leighton, Gary Moore, Barbara Neijna, Jody Pinto, Ray Olivero, Beth Ravitz, Martha Schwartz, Ned Smyth, Ritsuko Taho, Liam Gillick, Miles Coolidge, Robert Behar and Rosario Marquart, Sarah Morris, Sam Gilliam, Vanessa Till Hooper and Alice Aycock.

Broward County, Florida

Broward County was established in 1915. By the 1960s, Broward County was considered a leader in agriculture products and services within the State of Florida. The region, which stretches across 409.8 square miles of developable area, was transformed in the 1970s when mid-rise and high-rise development replaced farmland. Today, over 1.8 million people live in the County's 31 municipalities and municipal service districts, as well as the Seminole Tribe of Florida reservation. Broward is one of six counties in Florida where minorities constitute the majority. The undeveloped, protected western two-thirds of the county consists of wetlands and the Everglades. Among Broward County's unusual characteristics are 246 miles of canals; highest point is 25 feet above mean sea level; numerous seasonal residents; 7.5 million annual tourists and a major cruise ship terminal. The climate is sub-tropical (75.4F average annual temperature) with wet summer and fall, and dry spring and winter seasons. For more information, visit