I Bet You Didn't Know!
​​​​​​​​Broward County's Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) presents the eighth installment of its employee artwork exhibition titled "I Bet You Didn't Know." Showcasing artwork by 36 FLL employees, the exhibit is on view through March 2023 in the walkway connecting Terminals 3 and 4.

Curated by Cultural Division Public Art Manager Christina Roldan, "I Bet You Didn't Know" features artwork in a variety of mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture, video, and music, created by artists whose diverse jobs include security personnel, flight attendants, pilots, vendor operators, and other professions.

"Traveling through an airport filled with art makes for an inviting experience. And for the employees who are reporting to work - day in and day out, it's great to see their own work or that of colleagues displayed prominently in the hallway that connects two of our businest terminals at FLL."
 Mark Gale, CEO/Director of Aviation of the Broward County Aviation Department (BCAD).

I Bet You Didn't Know is a collaborative exhibition program presented by FLL and the Broward Cultural Division's Public Art & Design Program. Since its debut in August 2018, the rotating employee exhibition has been enthusiastically received by the airport community and visitors, and employee participation has grown significantly. The exhibition changes every six months to give the more than 15,000 FLL employees a bi-yearly opportunity to be inspired by their colleagues and submit new work. The exhibition also serves as a unique platform to showcase the creative side of airport employees to the airport's guests.

Exhibition artists:

Jennifer Aquino, Ground Operations Crewmember, JetBlue Airways; Brandon Barnes/ Mugen, Customer Service Agent, Southwest Airlines; Kimlayn Jeffrey, Customer Service Agent, American Airlines; Melissa Charyse / Mass Creatvty, Ground Operations Crewmember, JetBlue Airways; Lanard Brooks, Transportation Security Officer, Terminal 4; Brittania Bryant, Flight Attendant, Spirit Airlines;  Andrea V. Campana, JTP, Paisly by JetBlue Guide; Winston B. Cannicle, Environmental Program Manager, Broward County Aviation Department; Matthew Cahill, Airport Operations Agent, Security Division; Rozanna Colon, Inflight, JetBlue Airways; Ana Cristina Correia, Customer Service, United Airlines; Regina Cruz, Bartender, Delaware North; Mariana de Assis, Customer Service, United Airlines; Ramona Dias, Customer Service Representative, Broward County Aviation Department; Jimmy Dugazon, Flight Attendant, Spirit Airlines; Elvie Dezeme-Duverne, Customer Experience Specialist, Air Canada; Ashley Dobson, Flight Attendant, Spirit Airlines; Janika Duncan, Transportation Security Officer, Transportation Security Administration; Wilmer Gallego, Flight Attendant, Spirit Airlines; Michelle Galli, Flight Attendant, Spirit Airlines; Malkia Higgins, Flight Attendant, Spirit Airlines; Ender La Viera, Bags, Prosegur; Anastia Léyon, Inflight, Delta Airlines; Dwayne Malcom, Airport Manager, Broward County Aviation Department; Andrew Martinez, Provisioning Agent, Southwest Airlines; Michael Nonnemacher, Chief Operating Officer, Broward County Aviation Department; Monica Pastor (monini), Flight Attendant, Spirit Airlines; Jason Priest, Inflight Supervisor, JetBlue Airways; Logan Riester, Senior Program Project Coordinator, Broward County Aviation Department; Antonio Reece, CSA Ramp, Delta Airlines; Gina SantaMaria-Debevec, Inflight, JetBlue Airways; CJ Shaver, Flight Attendant, JetBlue Airways; Dylan P. Shine, Captain, Spirit Airlines; Azinne Obanor-Solomon, Flight Attendant, Spirit Airlines; Leanna van Welie, Stock Supervisor, Hudson; Shalisa West, Supervisory Transportation Officer/ JetBlue Airways Ground Ops; Cheryl Wolf, FLL Station Administrator Coordinator, Southwest Airlines.