Public Art at Port Everglades
​​ Port-Everglades.jpgPORT EVERGLADES
1850 Eller Drive, Fort Lauderdale FL, 33316

Port Everglades' reputation for modern, guest-friendly facilities is due in part to its dynamic public art display.

In addition to more than 25 original paintings and prints, public art in and around the cruise ship terminals include whirling and swirling schools of fish, a sculptural ocean liner mirage composed of 25,000 individual pieces, a rolling golden wave, ceramic sea creatures, a terrazzo floor that contains real seashells and colorful hand-blown glass.

Port Everglades is one of the top three cruise ports in the world. Seatrade Insider, one of the cruise industry's leading international trade publications, has named Port Everglades the "Cruise Port of the Year" twice since 2011.

With the majority of the world’s premier cruise lines and cruise ships utilizing the facility, Port Everglades welcomes more than four million cruise guests annually, who will choose from a wide variety of cruises - from short island getaways to around-the-world adventures. Visit their website for more information.

​Public Art at Port Everglades

Avian Odyssey by Ernesto Maranje (Harbormaster Tower)
Capes II", "Capes IV", "Capes V" by Claire Satin (Terminal 26)
Chichi by Mel and Seena Gelman (Terminal 26)
Coral Glow Persian Sconce Wall by Dale Chihuly (Terminal 4)
Corresponding Vibrations by Mimi Botscheller (Terminal 29)
Cruising School by Larry Kirkland (Terminal 18)
Dancing Oceans by Carlos Alves & JC Carroll (Terminal 26)
Everglades Scene by James Couper (Admin)
Exuberance by Alice Aycock (Terminal 23)
Fata Morgana by Ralph Helmick (Terminal 21)
Forces of Nature (terrazzo installation) by Michele Oka Doner (Terminal 18)
Immersive Ingression by We Are Nice and Easy (Terminal 2 Exterior)
Les Fleurs du Mal by Tin Ly (Terminal 26)
Light #5Janet Rogers (Terminal 26)
Life At Sea by Wendy White (Admin)
Journey #18 by James Swarthout (Terminal 26)
Passing Through by James Swarthout (Terminal 26)


Native Playground 87, #3, #7, #33 by Rosanna Saccoccio (Terminal 26)
Ocean's Footprint by Laura Atria (Terminal 29)
Palm by Ken Moylan (Terminal 26)
Passage Suite # 7, Passage Suite # 9 by Robert Huff (Terminal 26)
Pelican PathXavier Cortada (Terminal 4)
Port Scene by Steve Clippinger (Terminal 26)
Rays of Light by Mark Ayling (Terminal 2)
Rainbow Swimming by Mark Fuller (Terminal 19)
Reflections by Bill Savarese (Amman Building)
Red Rain by Janet Rogers (Terminal 26)
Songs of the EvergladesJonathan Russell & Saori Ide (Terminal 4)
Starfish Shuffle by Xavier Cortada (Terminal 19)
The GardenersMel and Seena Gelman (Terminal 26)
Transcendence by Leon Bedore (Terminal 23)
Travel Series: Florida Vacation by Francie Bishop Good (Terminal 21)
Untitled (Campau) by Rosemary Campau (Administration Building)
Visual Voyage by Vanessa Till Hooper (Terminal 25)
Wave Wall by Carlos Alves and JC Carroll (Terminal 26)
Welcome to Port Everglades by David Dahlquist & Matt Niebuhr (Port Entry, Eisenhower Blvd.)
Wild Style by Nuria Mora (Port Entry, Eller Drive)


Parking Garages

To highlight the public art installations across the Port campus, a series of wrapped elevator doors are currently enhancing the Midport and Northport parking garages.

Port Everglades unveiled beautiful elevator door wraps at their MidPort Garage in January 2017, created using artwork by four talented young artists Anastasiia Korolevskaia, Kayla Miranda Smith, Jingyuan Zhang and Nickoya Beckford from the American Heritage School in Plantation Florida - recent exhibitors at Broward Art Guild.


The second stage of the project featured elevator door-wraps on twenty locations across the Port Everglades campus.

ElevatorDoors-2018-Sept-C---low-resolution-proof-1.jpg ElevatorDoors-2018-Sept-C---low-resolution-proof-2.jpg ElevatorDoors-2018-Sept-C---low-resolution-proof-3.jpg
Featured Art: Dale Chihuly: Coral Glow Persian Sconce Wall


ElevatorDoors-2018-Sept-C---low-resolution-proof-4.jpg ElevatorDoors-2018-Sept-C---low-resolution-proof-12.jpg ElevatorDoors-2018-Sept-C---low-resolution-proof-16.jpg