Special Needs

​​​​​​​​​​Special Needs Shelters

If you have a medical condition that requires a greater level of care than that provided at a General Population Shelter, but you do not require hospitalization or a medical institution, a Special Needs Shelter may be appropriate for you. These shelters offer basic medical assistance and monitoring. They are staffed by qualified medical personnel and have back-up electricity for limited lighting and essential medical equipment. Family members and caregivers are encouraged to accompany you.

Special Needs Shelters are appropriate if you:​

  • have minor health/medical condition(s) that require professional observation, assessment, and maintenance
  • require assistance with personal care and/or assistance with medications but do not require hospitalization or a medical institution
  • need assistance with medication administration and/or vital sign readings and are unable to do so without professional assistance

Before completing the application, please review the Special Needs Shelter and Evacuation Transportation Program Overview.

To apply for the Special Needs Shelters online, please visit snr.flhealthresponse.com

You can also download and print the online application. All applications are in PDF form so you will need Adobe Reader.

Application forms:

To request an application for the Special Needs Shelter, please call:

Broward County Emergency Management at 954-831-3902 (or TTY 954-831-3940).

Keep a copy for yourself after completing the form. For questions regarding the program or to inquire about your application status, please call 954-831-3902 (or TTY 954-831-3940).

Reasonable accommodation will be made for shelter residents with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you need transfer assistance, sign language interpretation and other auxiliary aids, or a quiet zone for a cognitive disability or mental health need, call 954-831-3902 or TTY 954-831-3940 for the most updated information. Residents with service animals are welcome at all shelter sites so long as the pet meets the requirements under Federal law. Visit ADA Requirements for Service Animals for additional information.

Pre-registration for the Special Needs Shelter is open throughout the year, and while not required, is strongly encouraged to ensure that the shelter will be adequately prepared to meet your needs. All residents seeking shelter in a Special Needs facility will be reviewed on an individual basis to determine the best shelter option.

Use the Special Needs Shelter Kit Checklist (PDF) to help you when preparing to go to the Special Needs shelter.

Evacuation Transportation

Evacuation transportation services to and from your pre-planned shelter destination, including transfer assistance, are available, through either BCT fixed route service or Paratransit (TOPS).

All BCT buses are wheelchair accessible and online bus route timetables are provided in text-based format for the visually impaired.

Paratransit (TOPS) buses are for individuals with physical, cognitive, emotional, visual or other disabilities which prevent them from using BCT's fixed route service.

Pre-registration for Paratransit (TOPS) is also strongly encouraged, if you think you may need this service. You are not obligated to take advantage of either service if your plans change.​