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AuditorReportsReports Issued FY 2020
FY2020 Reports
​Title​     Report
​Audit of Water and Wastewater Services Delinquent Collection and Enforcement Process - Report No. 20-13     View File
​Follow-up Review of Airport Parking Revenues and Parking Information Systems - Report No. 20-11​     View File
​Follow-up Review of Audit of the Cultural Division - Report No. 20-10     ​View File
​Audit of Procurement and Operational Practices at Port Everglades - Report No. 20-09​     View File
​Follow-Up Review of Audit of Backflow Assembly Devices & Testing at Port Everglades - Report No. 20-08

​    View File

    View File

​Audit of the E911 Fund - Report No. 20-07     View File
​Audit of Convention and Visitors Bureau Florida Sports Foundation Account - Report No. 20-06​     View File
​Audit of County-Owned Real Estate - Report No. 20-05     View File

​Audit of Community Partnerships Division: Children's Services Administration Section - Report No. 20-04

     View File
Audit of Community Partnerships Division: Health Care Services Section - Report No. 20-03     View File
Follow-up Review of Audit of Tax Deed Sales Section - Report No. 20-02     View File
Audit of Transit Division's Information Technology Operations - Report No. 20-01      View File