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Broward County Road Jurisdic​tion

​About This Map:​

This map shows the road jurisdiction, or agency, responsible for road improvements, maintenance, and permitting of major roads that are classified as collectors or arterials by the State FDOT. The jurisdiction of city local streets is not specified in this map, except for local streets within the Broward Municipal Service Districts that are Broward County Jurisdiction​. Local streets may be the responsibility of the underlying municipality if publicly dedicated, or privately maintained within communities. 

Broward County Section Maps​​

About This Map:

Based on The Public Land Survey System​ “Section Maps” are approximately one square mile sections that keep track of the acquisition of road right-of-way and include deed, easement, and surrounding plat information. The section maps are provided here for review and download in digital PDF format.

Roadway Construction & Improvement Projects

About This Map:

This map will show all active and approved projects within a 5-year Board-Approved Plan that are managed by the Broward County Highway Construction & Engineering Division (BCHCED). This 5-year plan is subject to update each fiscal year, so the projects identified within this timeframe may change. The project map-symbology indicates the current project phasing, from Design Procurement through to Construction, and includes those approved projects within the 5-year horizon. Click on a project in the map for a detailed description and the Design and Construction timeframe estimates, once estab​lished.  In addition, this map contains a separate layer of historic projects constructed or managed by BCHCED dating back to the 1970's.  This history is useful for identifying original road construction, improvements to the roadway over time, and identifying potential plan-sets on file at BCHCED. ​

Historical Aerial Photos of Broward County

For additional Broward County GIS maps, see the Broward County Geographic Information Systems main page.​​​​

Broward Employee Internal GIS Engineering Maps Lo​gin​

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