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Closing Monday, June 11, 2018

Due to popularity of the 595 Express Sunrise to Miami Civic Center (Route 114), the Davie Park and Ride lot has exceeded capacity. In order to better service riders, the lot will be expanded to include additional parking spaces. The last day to park at the lot will be Friday, June 8, 2018​.

While the construction is ongoing, Route 114 will temporarily serve the Fort Lauderdale Airport Tri-Rail Station in Dania Beach.

Customers can also board the bus at the BB&T Center in Sunrise.

Construction will last approximately 10 months, with an expected completion date of Spring 2019.

The following schedule will be in effect during this time.

Click here to download a PDF of the schedule.​

Southbound: Sunrise Park and Ride  to Miami Civic Center
Sunrise Park and Ride FLL Airport Tri-Rail Station NW 14 St & NW 12 Ave  Culmer Metrorail Station
 5:05a  5:27a  6:02a  
 5:30a  5:53a  6:28a  
 5:55a  6:19a  6:54a  
 6:10a  6:34a  7:11aG  
 6:25a  6:49a  7:29aG  
 6:40a  7:04a  7:47aG  
 7:00a  7:24a  8:07aG  
 7:30a  7:54a  8:37aG  
 8:00a  8:24a  9:07aG  
 4:33p      5:33p
 5:08p      6:11p
 5:27p      6:31p
 5:59p      7:01p
 6:41p      7:41p
 7:05p      8:05p


Northbound: Miami Civic Center to Sunrise Park and Ride
Culmer Metrorail Station NW 14 St & NW 12 Ave  FLL Airport Tri-Rail Station Sunrise Park and Ride
   6:02a    6:45a
   6:28a    7:11a
   6:54a    7:37a
 3:15p  3:22p  3:58p  4:23p
 3:45p  3:52p  4:33p  4:58p
 4:00p  4:07p  4:50p  5:18p
 4:15p  4:22p  5:05p  5:35pG
 4:30p  4:37p  5:19p  5:49p
 4:45p  4:52p  5:33p  6:03pG
 5:15p  5:22p  6:03p  6:33p
 5:45p  5:52p  6:33p  7:03p
 6:15p  6:22p  7:03p  7:28pG
 6:45p  6:52p  7:29p  7:48pG
 7:15p  7:20p  7:56p  8:19pG
 7:45p  7:50p  8:26p  8:52pG
 8:15p  8:20p  8:56p  9:22pG


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