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Route 8 Bus Stop Expansion

Rider Alert: Route 8

Effective Sunday, March 22, 2020

Bus Stop Expansion

Effective, Sunday, March 22, 2020, there will be additional bus stops added for Route 8. Please see the additional locations below:

Bus Stop ID Main StreetCross StreetDirection
3519Hiatus RdN Lakeview DrNB
5612Hiatus RdNW 16th StEB
1240Taft StW Fairway RdEB
1241Taft StSandpipper CrEB
2723Taft StN 103 AveEB
2424Taft StN 95 AveEB
2368Taft StN 87 Way EB
5613Taft StNW 85 WayEB
5614Taft StUniversity Dr EB
1252Taft StN 77 WayEB
1254Taft StN 73 WayEB
3481Taft StN 62 AveEB
1494Taft StN 26 AveEB
1496Taft StN 24 Ave EB
0389Taft StN 23 Ave WB
0391Taft StN 25 AveWB
0392Taft StN 26 AveWB
0393Taft StN 27 AveWB
0394Taft StN 28 AveWB
4542Taft StN 31 RdWB
4543Taft StPark RdWB
4551Taft StN 66 Ave
5412Taft StSR-7 WB
4101Taft StN 64 Ave WB
1222Taft StN 73 Way
2421Taft StN 77 WayWB
1224Taft StN 78 WayWB
2941Taft StDouglasWB
1231Taft StN 95 AveWB
3511Taft StN 104 Ave WB
4103Taft StN 106 TerrWB
2722Taft St108 AveWB