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Pembroke Lakes Mall to Young Circle via Taft Street

Due to COVID-19, BCT is operating a Saturday schedule daily, Monday through Saturday.​

Sunday schedules remain the same. 
Monday - Saturday Eastbound
Pembroke Lakes Mall 7:00a 7:50a 8:40a 9:20a10:00a10:40a11:20a12:00p12:40p 1:20p 2:00p 2:40p 3:20p 4:00p 4:40p 5:20p 6:00p 6:40p 7:20p 8:00p 8:40p 9:20p
Taft St & Palm Ave 7:12a 8:02a 8:52a 9:34a10:14a10:54a11:34a12:16p12:56p 1:36p 2:14p 2:54p 3:36p 4:14p 4:54p 5:34p 6:16p 6:56p 7:34p 8:14p 8:54p 9:32p
Taft St & University Dr 7:19a 8:10a 9:00a 9:43a10:23a11:03a11:44a12:26p 1:06p 1:46p 2:24p 3:04p 3:46p 4:23p 5:03p 5:43p 6:26p 7:05p 7:43p 8:22p 9:02p 9:41p
Taft St & US 441 7:28a 8:20a 9:11a 9:54a10:34a11:15a11:56a12:38p 1:18p 1:58p 2:38p 3:16p 3:58p 4:35p 5:15p 5:55p 6:38p 7:16p 7:54p 8:33p 9:13p 9:52p
Arthur Street  & US 1 7:58a 8:50a 9:41a10:24a11:04a11:45a12:26p 1:08p 1:48p 2:28p 3:08p 3:46p 4:28p 5:05p 5:45p 6:25p 7:08p 7:46p 8:24p 9:03pG 9:43pG10:22pG

Monday - Saturday Westbound
Arthur Street  & US 1 6:40a 7:30a 8:10a 8:50a 9:20a10:00a10:40a11:20a12:00p12:40p 1:20p 2:00p 2:40p 3:20p 4:00p 4:40p 5:20p 6:00p 6:40p 7:20p 8:00p 8:40p
Taft St & US 441 7:05a 7:55a 8:35a 9:15a 9:45a10:25a11:05a11:45a12:25p 1:05p 1:45p 2:25p 3:05p 3:45p 4:25p 5:05p 5:45p 6:25p 7:05p 7:45p 8:25p 9:05p
Taft St & University Dr 7:13a 8:04a 8:45a 9:26a 9:56a10:37a11:17a11:57a12:37p 1:19p 1:59p 2:37p 3:17p 3:57p 4:37p 5:17p 5:57p 6:37p 7:16p 7:56p 8:36p 9:16p
Taft St & Palm Ave 7:20a 8:12a 8:53a 9:35a10:05a10:46a11:27a12:06p12:46p 1:29p 2:09p 2:47p 3:26p 4:06p 4:46p 5:27p 6:06p 6:46p 7:25p 8:05p 8:45p 9:24p
Pembroke Lakes Mall 7:30a 8:24a 9:06a 9:49a10:19a11:00a11:41a12:20p 1:00p 1:43p 2:25p 3:03p 3:40p 4:20p 5:00p 5:41p 6:20p 7:00p 7:39p 8:17p 8:57p 9:36pG

Sunday Eastbound
Pembroke Lakes Mall 7:30a 8:20a 9:00a 9:40a10:20a11:00a11:40a12:20p 1:00p 1:40p 2:20p 3:00p 3:40p 4:20p 5:00p 5:40p 6:20p 7:00p 7:40p 8:20p 9:00p
Taft St & Palm Ave 7:47a 8:37a 9:15a 9:55a10:35a11:15a11:55a12:35p 1:15p 1:55p 2:35p 3:15p 3:55p 4:35p 5:15p 5:55p 6:35p 7:15p 7:55p 8:35p 9:15p
Taft St & University Dr 7:56a 8:46a 9:24a10:04a10:44a11:24a12:04p12:44p 1:24p 2:04p 2:44p 3:24p 4:04p 4:44p 5:24p 6:04p 6:44p 7:24p 8:04p 8:44p 9:24p
Taft St & US 441 8:06a 8:56a 9:34a10:14a10:54a11:34a12:14p12:54p 1:34p 2:14p 2:54p 3:34p 4:14p 4:54p 5:34p 6:14p 6:54p 7:34p 8:14p 8:54p 9:34p
Arthur Street  & US 1 8:36a 9:26a10:04a10:44a11:24a12:04p12:44p 1:24p 2:04p 2:44p 3:24p 4:04p 4:44p 5:24p 6:04p 6:44p 7:24p 8:04p 8:44pG 9:24pG10:04pG

Sunday Westbound
Arthur Street  & US 1 7:03a 7:43a 8:23a 9:03a 9:43a10:23a11:03a11:43a12:23p 1:03p 1:43p 2:23p 3:03p 3:43p 4:23p 5:03p 5:43p 6:23p 7:03p 7:43p 8:23p
Taft St & US 441 7:28a 8:08a 8:48a 9:28a10:08a10:48a11:28a12:08p12:48p 1:28p 2:08p 2:48p 3:28p 4:08p 4:48p 5:28p 6:08p 6:48p 7:28p 8:08p 8:48p
Taft St & University Dr 7:38a 8:18a 8:58a 9:38a10:18a10:58a11:38a12:18p12:58p 1:38p 2:18p 2:58p 3:38p 4:18p 4:58p 5:38p 6:18p 6:58p 7:38p 8:18p 8:58p
Taft St & Palm Ave 7:46a 8:27a 9:07a 9:47a10:27a11:07a11:47a12:27p 1:07p 1:47p 2:27p 3:07p 3:47p 4:27p 5:07p 5:47p 6:27p 7:06p 7:46p 8:26p 9:06p
Pembroke Lakes Mall 8:00a 8:41a 9:21a10:01a10:41a11:21a12:01p12:41p 1:21p 2:01p 2:41p 3:21p 4:01p 4:41p 5:21p 6:01p 6:41p 7:20p 8:00p 8:40p 9:20pG