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95 Express Route 108
95 Express Pembroke Pines

North Perry Airport to Civic Center/Health District

SOUTHBOUND ‐ North Perry Airport to Civic Center / Health District
N  Perry Airport Park & Ride 5:35a 6:05a 6:10a 6:40a 7:00a 7:25a 7:50a 4:05p 4:40p 5:12p 5:43p 6:13p 6:41p 7:04p
NW 12 Av & NW 14 St 6:04a 6:47aG 6:54a 7:30aG 7:55aG 8:24aG 8:49aG       
Culmer Metrorail Station        4:42p 5:17p 5:49p 6:20p 6:50p 7:18p 7:41p
NORTHBOUND ‐ Civic Center / Health District to North Perry Airport
Culmer Metrorail Station   3:05p 3:35p 4:05p 4:35p 5:05p 5:35p 6:05p 6:35p 7:05p 7:35p 8:05p
NW 12 Av & NW 14 St 6:04a 6:54a 3:12p 3:42p 4:12p 4:42p 5:12p 5:42p 6:11p 6:40p 7:10p 7:40p 8:10p
N  Perry Airport Park & Ride 6:34a 7:24a 3:55p 4:30p 5:02p 5:33p 6:03p 6:31p 6:54p 7:18pG 7:46pG 8:14pG 8:41pG