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Beach Renourishment

Broward CountyBeach RenourishmentProject For South Broward Completed
Project For South Broward Completed

The Broward County, Segment III Shore Protection Project is complete! Beaches were restored at John U Lloyd Beach State Park (JUL) and at the cities of Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, and Dania Beach.

On February 8, 2006, the hopper dredge Liberty Island pumped out her last load of sand onto the beach at JUL. Construction of this much anticipated beach project began on May 14, 2005. Sand for the project was obtained from offshore of central and northern Broward County. There were no unanticipated adverse impacts to coral reefs, hardbottom habitat, or other marine resources.

Here are some pertinent facts and figures about the project:

  • Total paid quantity of sand placed: 1,837,600 cubic yards (cy)
  • 205,200 cy was placed on Hallandale Beach
  • 999,700 cy was placed on Hollywood Beach
  • 87,700 cy was placed on Dania Beach
  • 545,000 cy was placed on JUL
  • 188,000 cy of the sand is paid for 100% by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for repair of erosion caused by the 2004 hurricanes
  • The costs for 1,104,600 cy are shared by the Corps of Engineers, the State of Florida, Broward County, and the cities of Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, and Dania Beach
  • The costs for the 545,000 cy of sand at JUL are shared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the State of Florida
  • At the north end of JUL, a rock spur was constructed from the south jetty of Port Everglades and two rock T-Head groins were built just south of the jetty.
  • Construction base bid: $23.8 million
  • Actual estimated construction costs: $25.5 million
  • Estimated actual total cost, including engineering/design, permitting, environmental monitoring: $44.5 million
  • Apportionment of estimated actual costs:
    • Federal: $26.0 million
    • State: $10.1 million
    • Local: $8.4 million
aerial This aerial view of a portion​​ of the restored beach at Hollywood shows the shoreside pipelines and safety barricades.
Aerial view of the completed spur and T-head groins at John U Lloyd Beach State Park, before beach construction
A birdseye view of beach construction at John U Lloyd Beach State Park.
Libery Dolphins Liberty dolphins:
The hopper dredge Liberty Island steaming to the pump-out location with a load of sand. Note the accompanying dolphins.
Hollywood Beach Before Hwd before: The beach at south Hollywood before restoration.
Hollywood Beach After Hwd after: The beach at south Hollywood after restoration.
completed beach The completed beach at John U Lloyd Beach state Park. Note that the spur and groins are mostly covered with sand.
Beach fill Beach fill approaching the groin field at John U Lloyd Beach State Park.
Liberty Island The dredge Liberty Island digs in the channel of Port Everglades. About 50,000 cubic yards of sand was removed from a shoal that was beginning to obstruct the navigation channel, and the material was placed on the beach at the State Park.
completed beach “Grooming” the completed beach next to Dania Beach Pier.