Segment III
(updated 10/14/22)

​​​​​​Seg​ment III - Broward County Shore Protection Project

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) awarded the Segment III Beach Renourishment construction contract to Continental Heavy Civil Corporation. This project area is along the shorelines of Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park, Dania, Hollywood, and Hallandale Beaches. The project is expected to place approximately 887,000 cubic yards of upland sand along the shoreline, with a 100% cost share by the federal government.  Where feasible, shore protective dunes may be placed as part of the project.  


Segment III SPP plans and specifications are available with the USACE Segment III Shore Protection Project bid announcement.  These plans depict expectations of shoreline fill placement and potential construction access points.  According to local beach sand needs and environmental concerns, construction of the permitted design template will occur within the following shore length boundaries:

  • Dr. Von Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park: from the Port Everglades south jetty to FDEP reference (R) monument R-92 

  • Dania Beach/Hollywood Beach: from Dania Beach Pier to Hollywood Beach, Lee Street (R-108 )

  • Hollywood Beach/Hallandale Beach: from Hollywood Beach, Iris Terrace (R-119) to the south county line (R-128).

Construction schedule

Construction is during daylight hours, basically 7 am - 6 pm. The current schedule calls for work to be conducted Monday through Friday; however, weekend work may occur if required to stay on schedule.

Construction resumed November 1, 2022, with sand placement within the Park and expected to finish in early March 2023. Sand placement is planned to commence in Hallandale Beach as early as March 2023 and move north through Dania beach until mid-December 2023, construction will pause from May 2023-October 2023 due to turtle nesting season.

A map of the active construction zone will be shared one week in advance. Construction will only occur on upland beaches for which property owners have granted construction easement and, where construction easement has not been granted, sand will only be placed below the erosion control line, which defines the boundary between State sovereign submerged lands and upland ownership. Beach construction access and/or staging will be, at the discretionary needs of the construction vendor, from the following beach access points:

  • Approximately location of R-99, Dania Beach Public Parking Lot

  • Cambridge Street, Dania Beach

  • Balboa Street, Hollywood Beach

  • Meade Street, Hollywood Beach

  • Bouganvill a Terrace, Hollywood Beach

  • Magnolia Terrace (Keating Park), Hollywood Beach

  • South City Beach Park, Hallandale Beach​​

If you have any questions about the County's beach program, please contact Jacob Rice at ​

How wide will the beach be?

Planned Segment III Beach Widths.pdfr

A PDF copy of a public outreach presentation ​from October 30, 2020 is available below, along with Segment III frequently asked questions (FAQs). A recording of the presentation can also be accessed here: Broward EPCRD Seg III FCCE Project Beach Presentation, 10/30/2020.

Seg III public webinar 10.30.20.pdf

Beach webinar FAQ_Seg III.pdf


If you have any questions about the County's beach program, please contact Jacob Rice at ​