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Employee Information

​​​Information on issues as it relates to benefit plans and services regarding the current situation with the Coronavirus. For complete information, County employees can access the COVID-19 link on For general information, please access Broward County COVID-19 link above.

COVID-19 Updates to County Benefit Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic allowed us to make some changes to our health plans that we would like to share with you and your family under the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.
COVID-19 Testing and Office or Virtual Visit
The County will pay 100% of the cost of testing for the COVID-19 virus for any insured member who requires testing. This includes in-office or virtual visits for COVID-19. (Must be billed under COVID-19 billing codes).
Virtual Visits and Telemedicine under the High Deductible Health Plans (UnitedHealthcare and Community Care plans).
Typically, virtual visits and telemedicine are paid 100% by the member until the annual deductible is met.  However, the County's taking advantage of the new CARES Act to allow our High Deductible Health Plans to cover the cost for any virtual visit or telemedicine call at the coinsurance rate of 20% before the annual deductible being met.  
CDH Members also have a reduction in virtual visit costs with the copay being reduced from $40 to $10 per visit.
UnitedHealthcare members can access virtual visits through Teledoc, AmWell, or Dr. On Demand at 
Community Care Plan members can contact Concierge Service at 1-866-224-5701.

Virtual Behavioral Health Now with Reduced Cost.
Most of us think of virtual visits and telemedicine for minor medical issues such as an eye infection, rash, sore throat, etc. but how about for behavioral health visits? We all feel the stress associated with COVID-19 and everyday life, so why not talk to a professional at your convenience, seven days a week, in the privacy of your home. The virtual network has a variety of licensed psychiatrists and therapists with different backgrounds, specialties, and languages available to assist you. Virtual visits and telemedicine under the HDHP plans are only 20% coinsurance and are not subject to the annual deductible. The first visit under behavioral health is approximately $250-$290. Under the 20% coinsurance benefit, the first visit is reduced significantly to $50-$60. After the first visit, rates are typically $45-$50 a session but are now only $9 to $10 a session. Under the CDH plan, the first 20 visits in a calendar year for Behavioral Health in office or virtual visits are at no cost.

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) members can visit and select Find a Doctor. Provider Type is Telemental Health Providers. Select a provider, then call and set your visit. 
The reduced rate goes through 12/31/2021 for all plans.

​Pharmacy Assistance

​Home Delivery of Maintenance Medication - Always Available
Facilitating social distancing through home delivery. As states and local authorities urge people to remain safe and social distancing becomes the norm, the benefits of home delivery are now more apparent than ever.
  • Convenience. With free shipping, home delivery enables UHC/Optum Rx members to receive 90-day supplies of their medications without leaving their residence. Also, OptumRx's online tools help members manage home delivery with ease on their computers or mobile devices.
  • Savings. Depending on plan design, members may save money on each prescription filled via home delivery vs. retail. CDH members receive a 90 supply at the cost of a 60 day supply and HDHP members typically receive a lower cost for prescriptions not on the Preventive Drug List which are covered at 100%.
  • Health outcomes for chronic diseases. Home delivery has been proven to help members with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc. have a higher medication adherence vs. going to a retail pharmacy.
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